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Taskty: Professional & Trustworthy Workers for All Sorts of Domestic Tasks

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Taskty: Professional & Trustworthy Workers for All Sorts of Domestic Tasks
    written by
    Mohamed Adly

    What’s the first thing you do when you need someone to fix something in your house? Well, most people are afraid to call in a stranger because, unfortunately, there are a lot of unethical workers around. So usually one would ask their friends about trusted workers who do quality work, but if your friends are no help, this new app will be your saviour.

    Looking to bring you the latest, we had one of Cairo 360’s team members try out this service, in order to tell you from a firsthand perspective how this experience went. First of all, this company has a website and a mobile app, so it’s very easy to reach them. You can also call them up on 02 33312727 if you need personal assistance.

    So let’s get into our experience. One of our team members had a broken water heater valve at 8 pm, a time when he couldn’t possibly find anyone to fix it. This is when he decided to try out Taskty;  he called them up, gave them his personal info, and a worker called him 10 minutes after, saying that he’s finishing up a job and will be there right after. The company called him afterwards to make sure the worker got in touch with him and to ensure that everything was in order. He was also given the option of replacing the worker without any additional fees. Afterwards, the worker got in touch with him again to ask about the details of the problem, and arrived at 11 pm. He gave him choices from the valves he had, and he also fixed up the tap in the kitchen sink, and only took a total 75 EGP.

    Delighted by his experience, we start digging to learn more about the company. We found that they do a whole bunch of things in terms of house work. They have cleaning, electrical maintenance, metal work, painting, carpentry, flooring services, and garden maintenance. But what’s even more interesting than their wide range of services, is their sheer attention to elevating the customer service experience, making sure that all workers explain to the client what they’ll do, and how much it will cost before starting any job. Clients have the right to learn and understand, then decide whether or not to accept.

    So we decided to give them another test, we had another one of our team members get in touch with them through the website, and ask for a home cleaning service, it cost 170 EGP, plus 25 EGP for transportation. So they set an appointment, and asked us to provide the cleaning equipment. Only one person came by because it was just two rooms. The worker arrived on time, worked meticulously, and did everything with excellent care, even adding a few jobs that we didn’t ask for, like doing the dishes, and washing a few socks that were lying around. He cleaned the furniture, tables, desks, and even polished the ceramic flooring.

    Taskty is truly an excellent company providing excellent services. Their efforts deserve recognition, which is why we’re giving them a shout out here for the care they put in getting high quality workers, and making sure that customer experience is top notch.

    You can reach them through their website, Facebook page, or by phone through this number 02 33312727.


    Translated by Sherif Khairy