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The Courtyard Brings You Some Puppy Love This Friday

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The Courtyard Brings You Some Puppy Love This Friday
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Cairo 360

Maadi’s dining destination, The Courtyard, strikes back with another exciting event that will keep every member of the family entertained, especially if they happen to be a dog person. Knowing that no love compares to a dog’s love, the good people behind The Courtyard is collaborating with some of Cairo’s biggest animal shelters, to offer you and your little ones a play date with some of the cutest puppies in town.

Shelters like ESMA, EVAC, ESAF, EUFAR and Hope, are set to bring you some real puppy love on Friday the 28th of September. The good news is that those adorable puppies are available for adoption, so feel free to add another member of the family. But adoption is not the only way with which you can help these shelters; you can also donate any of your pet’s unwanted items.

 The event will also see a host of experts who will provide you with all the information needed to take care of your furry friend, in addition to a number of pet supplies vendors, like Baladi, Amin, and Chic Pop, where you can get your pet a treat or two.

It’s definitely going to be a big day for every dog person out there, imagine a gathering with family, friends, and man’s best friend. Heavenly!