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The Egyptian Traffic Authority to Provide Recovery Truck Services

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The Egyptian Traffic Authority to Provide Recovery Truck Services
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    We’ve all been there, or we could so easily be in that position. Your car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, or some unexpected mechanical problem renders your vehicle unable to move. At this point, you could either call a friend who may be too far or a recovery truck service which may be too expensive. Well now there’s third option; you can simply call the Egyptian Traffic Authority.

    The Egyptian Traffic Authority has been developing their services over the past few months, and we’re glad to see many beneficial services being implemented. After taking steps in developing the Egypt Traffic website, which allows you to conduct vehicle-related procedures and documents online, the Egyptian Traffic Authority will be offering recovery truck services.

    This service is set to be available on all highways, including the Alexandria Desert Road, the Ring Road, and the new Regional Ring Road. The Egyptian Traffic Authority have announced that they’ve procured a number of special recovery trucks to provide this service promptly and effectively. So, in case you run out of gas or blow a tire, you can simply call 01221110000, and a recovery truck should be there promptly.

    The Egyptian Traffic Authority assures Egyptian citizens that this service is available 24 hours, and equipped with fuel such as gas or diesel, an electric light, an electric saw for emergencies, and the capability of picking up the car and transporting it to another location. It should take the recovery trucks less than 5 minutes to reach you.

    Such a service could prove vital for Egyptians, especially those travelling on distant roads with unreliable cars. We hope that it is as prompt and effective as advertised, and will remain so in the future.