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The Great Cairo Scavenger Hunt: Discover Cairo’s Fun Side

The Great Cairo Scavenger Hunt: Discover Cairo’s Fun Side
written by
Haisam Awad

Cairo really isn’t
that difficult to get around; we just like to complain: it’s the Cairene way.
Even if it is a chore, is it not worth it? Not many cities can boast the same
diversity and just plain randomness as Cairo. The biggest and most significant
change that Egypt has undertaken post-revolution is at its grass roots.
Everyone has started to open their eyes instead of looking at the city through
a squint, and notice what makes Cairo so awesome.

So, how should this
newly acquired appreciation be celebrated? With a citywide scavenger hunt of
course! As the brains behind Khawaga T-shirts, TJ Quinn’s latest brainchild is
a cocktail of fun, prizes and good deeds.

The idea is simple;
have you ever seen that program ‘The Amazing Race’? Teams travel around the
world, solving puzzles that point them towards their next destination? Well,
this is better.

‘This game will enable people to engage with this mesmerizing city
in a fun and interactive way,’ says Quinn. ‘The experience will make the city new
again, even for lifelong Cairenes.’

On Friday, May 20th,
teams of between three and five people will travel around Cairo by public transport, taking photos
of targeted locations, collecting stamps at particular ‘Passport Stops’; and collecting valuable points as they do so. No part of Cairo is
off-limits; it’s all or nothing. You’ll even be tested on Cairo-related trivia;
the ultimate test to weed out the fakers from those who have Cairo in their

Why you ask? Well
Cairo 360 says; why on earth not! So does a host of high-profile sponsors and
partners who have backed the Great Cairo Scavenger Hunt. If the concept hasn’t
wetted your appetite; then maybe the prizes will. How does a spanking new
laptop sound? Don’t need one? Well, how about an LCD TV as big as an eight-year-old
child? Already have one? Well, you definitely won’t say no to a hot new iPad or

Raging materialism
aside, the proceeds from participation fees will go to Artewella in Giza, and
Alwan wa Awtar in Mokattam; two excellent organisations that provide art
education for youth in their respective areas.

If this scavenger
hunt is a success; then there’s no reason why it can’t become an annual event.
It’ll be the big three every year; Eid, Christmas, and the Great Cairo
Scavenger Hunt!

For more information and to register, visit and
get in the game!