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The Trip to Borg El Arab Airport Is Now Hassle Free Thanks to This Service

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The Trip to Borg El Arab Airport Is Now Hassle Free Thanks to This Service
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Cairo 360

Anyone who has travelled anywhere will surely know that getting to the airport, and commuting from the airport to any given destination, is something that you must plan when booking your trip. Egypt is by no means an exception to this issues. Indeed, it’s always a hassle to go to the airport, especially if you’re travelling from Borg El Arab Airport to Alexandria. The airport is not at all proximate to Alexandria city, and that causes problems that usually lead to rip-offs from travel agencies and taxi drivers.

A couple of days ago, Alexandria saw the activation of a new line of buses, by Egypt Bus to Borg El Arab Airport. The service seems to be offering various basic services like air-conditioning and bathrooms, and the timetable appears to have multiple slots (morning and evening) that will suit departure and arrival times. Also, providing us with the option to the book the bus ticket with our airline tickets makes the process very convenient.

Passengers will board from the bus station which is located in Mahram Beek. The ticket prices have yet to be announced, but rumours have indicated that prices will start at 55 EGP. We are always super glad to see the implementation of modes of transport that promise to make some of our commutes more convenient and efficient, and we hope to see similar implementations in more central airports like Cairo International Airport, and newly added airports, like Sphinx International Airport.