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The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe in Cairo!

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The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe in Cairo!
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Cairo 360

We love our life in the capital, but we know for sure that there are dangers that come with living in such a large city, and a lot of those come from some of its people. Being safe is not too difficult though, it takes little effort to evade the tricks, you just need to know what to expect.

1. Playing the Victim

If you’ve taken enough cabs in Egypt, you’ll definitely know this one. The taxi driver would go on about his hardships and troubles, but he’s not just going to go ahead and tell you that, nope. His phone will ring, and the call will entail all the details he wishes for you to know, ever so subtly will you get informed with the most specific information about his life, rendering you sympathetic and a bit more generous.

2. Tinkerbell Taxi

Some taxi drivers like to tinker with the meter, making it increase the fee you’re supposed to pay. So how do you stop that? Just look at the meter, if you see the number 2, like the picture here, then you’re safe. But if you see the number 3, then the meter has been tampered with, and your fare will be higher

3. Eggxhilirating Rides

Just like some teenagers egg houses of people they don’t like in the USA, people here in Egypt egg stuff too. The trick is to egg your windshield as you’re driving, which will probably surprise you and lead you to turn on the windshield wipers, which is the worst thing you can do. This is like whisking eggs in a bowl, it will turn all white and you will see absolutely nothing. You’ll be forced to pull over, and to them, you’ll be a sitting duck. Others go by a more aggressive manner, and just throw a stone at you. In all cases, as long as you can drive, do not stop.

4. What Goes in the Metro, Stays in the Metro

People may joke that you’re lucky to get out of the stuffed and crowded metro stations in one piece, but if you double-check all your “pieces”, you may find a wallet or a phone missing. Light-handed people call this place work, the crowded nature of the stations make for a perfect spot for pickpockets, so beware. It’s better to not leave anything in your back pocket, and if you have a bag, put it in front you rather than on your back. In other words, keep all your possessions visible, with your hands on them.

5. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a thief on a motorcycle!

This is one of the easiest thefts, and probably the most common. Whether you’re walking on the street, in a taxi, or in your car, some ghost rider might pop up out of nowhere and grab your phone. So make sure that your phone or bag is on the pavement side of the road. The same goes for using the phone in a car, keep it away from any open windows.

6. Does the car feel lighter to you?

Besides locking the doors (which is the first thing you should do after getting in the car), whenever you park anywhere, or even stop in traffic, make sure your car windows are closed. Someone might pop up and snatch something, or there may be two schemers, one to distract you, and the other to snatch something out and run with it. So make sure that the car is locked, and that, at least, the passenger-side window is closed. 

7. Pick-up-up and Away Truck

This is actually more dangerous than other types of theft. If you run into a problem with your car and you need a truck to pick you up, stay away from any numbers written on the street. Those may come and steal your car plus everything you have in there. Make sure you have toll and/or road assistance trucks/service numbers that you trust, or call a friend to help you out.

8. A minute of your time, please

We know you’re a very kind and generous person, but not everyone around you deserves to receive such treatment. So if someone asks you to make a one-minute call from your phone, think twice before just handing it over. If he’s a thief, he can just run like the wind and flee the scene.

Take care Cairenes, these are some of the tricks that happen in our capital, but that sleeve is long and full of many more tricks. Stay safe, stay aware, and stay mindful.