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These Egyptian Companies Are Looking to Save the Environment

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These Egyptian Companies Are Looking to Save the Environment
written by
Sherif Khairy

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Giving back to the environment gets a whole new meaning with these Egyptian Eco-Friendly Businesses. The start-up scene has been booming in Cairo, and we’re glad to see that a number of them are quite environmentally aware. So here’s a shout-out to some of Cairo’s booming Eco-Friendly Businesses.


We’ve been talking about Greenish a great deal in the past few months, but they truly deserve it with their proactive nature and sheer determination to protect our environment. Greenish aim to reduce waste by teaching companies about strategies and procedures to be integrated into the company’s facilities, allowing for less waste. They also have a few initiatives such as talking to pedestrians and kiosks about the dangers of plastic waste, in the hopes of reducing Egypt’s use of plastic bottles and such.


Founded by Ibrahim Abougendy, Mobikya decided to zero in on a specific target. When a tire is too bent out of shape to the point of no return, it gets burned, which causes a lot of air pollution. With a creative mind, Mobikya is instead turning those useless tires into pieces of furniture.


Local artisans Yara Yassin and Rania Rafie decided to use their passion to create an eco-conscious studio offering stylish bags made from old plastic bags. Their designs are quite appealing, and again, they home in on the big problem of plastic waste by turning waste into an opportunity for new products.

El Nafeza

Do you remember smelling those pungent odours coming at you when driving on El-Mehwar Axis? That is the smell of burning rice straw, but aside from the smell, it has hugely detrimental effects on the environment. El Nafeza, founded by Enas Khamis, takes the rice crop waste and reuses them to create paper products. Adding even more social-giving to their operation, El Nafeza employs people with disabilities.


Created by Environ-Adapt, Dawar is an application that allows people to take pictures of street garbage, along with the location, and the company will take care of it by sending people to clean up the area. They’ll even send you back a picture of the cleaned-up area to let you know the job has been done. The Egyptian Ministry of Environment and GIZ Egypt are backing this project, and it’s currently on trial in Maadi and Tora.

Green Pan by Tagaddod

Cooking oil waste is one of the most untapped opportunities in recycling and waste management. Tagaddod has decided to tap into that market, launching the Green Pan initiative. Green Pan aims to collect cooking oil from households in Egypt in exchange for small gifts from the company. Tagaddod then uses cooking oil to produce biodiesel, a green fuel that can substitute harmful petroleum products in many applications. Tagaddod also has a commercial oil waste collection service.