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These Organizations Accept Donations to Help the Palestinians

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These Organizations Accept Donations to Help the Palestinians
    written by
    Arwa Hezzah

    The news has been reporting the tragic ongoing conflict in Palestine. If you’re wondering how you can help the suffering Palestinians, you can start by lending a hand to the following organisations.

    1. UNRWA

    The UNRWA is a UN organisation that provides direct services to the Gaza Strip and assists Palestinian refugees. Its focuses include food assistance, cash-for-work programmes, mental health and psychological services, and emergency protection to those in need. To donate, visit their website and choose one of the many donation schemes they offer.

    1. Egyptian Red Crescent

    The Egyptian Red Crescent aims to provide a timely response in places of crisis, helping people recover and remain protected. You can donate through their website, by texting 9770, or calling 15322.

    1. Palestinian Red Crescent

    The Palestinian Red Crescent responds to crises and emergency situations within Palestine by focusing on the health and welfare of the Palestinian people. You can donate through their website.

    1. Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

    As the name suggests, MAP offers emergency medical assistance to those going through crises, delivering health and medical care all across Palestine. You can donate through their website.

    1. Anera

    Anera aids people living in the Gaza strip by providing medicine, blood bags, and equipment to hospitals, as well as installing water and sewage networks, building preschools, and helping families maintain farms for food. You can donate to them through their website.

    1. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

    The PCRF aims to provide free medical care to children within Palestine and the Middle East in general, especially through periods of crisis. You can donate to their various donation programs via their website.

    1. Islamic Relief

    The Islamic Relief organisation offers a multitude of services to the people of Palestine, including water treatment, programmes for health, food, and education, as well as Zakat, Sadaqa, and Aqiqah. You can donate to their various programmes through their website.

    1. Just Giving

    You can donate to many causes and raise funds for those in need Through the Just Giving website. Human Appeal, an organisation that aids people stranded in war-torn locations, has started a fundraising project on Just Giving to support those injured and in need in Palestine’s most recent crises. To donate, visit the cause’s website.

    1. Sawaed

    Sawaed provides emergency medical care to those in need within Palestine by providing medical devices, medical supplies, and tools, collecting funds for minor surgeries, medicine, and fuel for hospital ambulances. You can donate to them here.

    1. Al Najat

    Al Najat is a Kuwaiti charity organisation aimed at implementing humanitarian programmes to help those in need across the Middle East. You can donate to their various causes through their website.