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These Wedding Photographers Will Help You Capture Priceless Moments on Your Big Day

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These Wedding Photographers Will Help You Capture Priceless Moments on Your Big Day
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Featured image via Guru Photo House



Preparing for your wedding is not an easy feat, but it’s definitely worth all the trouble. An important part of that preparation, though, is making sure you have the right photographer to capture those precious moments, and keep those priceless memories with you forever. Therefore, if you’re having a hard time settling on which studio to go with, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best photographers in town for you:

Bullseye Photography

Karim Roushdy is the main man behind this fine studio. They have a way with the camera that allows them to capture emotions in their photos. 

Mangawy Owes Photography

Aside from that awesome name, Mangawy Owes is one of the best photographers in town when it comes to photo shoots for the wedding, or coverage of the big day itself. 

Splash Wedding

They take their time in taking stunning pictures, and have no problem when it comes to destination weddings. You can also add videography for extra fees. 

Andy Gabra’s Photography

Andy Gabra is a solid choice when it comes to capturing memories in style. You have to give his Facebook page a visit, and browse through his work.

Abu Samra Studio

Abu Samra is a commercial and wedding photographer who is very well-versed in what he does. He and his team are quite talented in wedding photography, and have no problem when it comes to covering large events. 

Bebo Zahy Photography

This team produces stunning pictures for your wedding day. Destination weddings and photo sessions are no problem for Bebo Zahy. 

Ramy Mazzika Photography

While this guy knows exactly how to capture beautifully crafted photos, a lot of his positive feedback is actually due to his personality and what he, as a person, brings to the event. 

Karim El-Shrief Photography

Wedding photography is not just about covering the whole event, it’s also about taking those memorable pictures that are so artistically crafted. If you want the latter, this is the guy to pick. 

DOT Weddings

Playing with the light, encompassing the beauty of nature in their photos, DOT Weddings produce some of the best pictures for photo sessions and wedding coverage. 

Guru Photo House

They’re one of the best in capturing elegant photos that complement the beauty of the bride and groom. Guru Photo House is a big production that knows how to get the right angle and the right exposure in every shot.