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These Photographs Say a Million Words About Egyptian Women

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These Photographs Say a Million Words About Egyptian Women
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    Egyptian women are an indispensable part to life in Cairo. Increasingly, women have been taking over ever aspect, every career path, and element of Cairene life. Indeed, Egyptian women are now – more than ever-  making evident the equality of female abilities to those of their male counterparts.

    From single mothers fighting off society’s sexism, to female designers hitting the runways of New York and Paris, to female script writers and actresses taking the cinema industry by storm, to female artists receiving international recognition, to rural women starting their own businesses, to female bus drivers, Egyptian women have spoken volumes about the importance of challenging gender inequality, through strides and actions, not just through mere words. 

    Perhaps, the best way to capture the indispensability of Egyptian women to life in Cairo is by means of images; and, Egyptian photographer Mostafa Darwish’s images do just that. So, with out further ado, happy International Women’s Day.