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This Egyptian Female Was Honoured With a UN Medal!

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This Egyptian Female Was Honoured With a UN Medal!
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Cairo 360

Women are taking over the world, and we can’t wait to see what happens when women receive all the opportunities and promotions they have long-deserved! In the spirit of females achieving amazing things, Nahed Salah became the first Egyptian woman to join the UN peacekeeping forces in 2014, and she was recently honoured with a UN Medal by the Force Commander of the United Nations Organization for Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC).

Salah was honoured among 51 military personnel from different countries at the ceremony. Salah’s main goal is to protect women from sexual violence and support the recovery and survival of victims of sexual violence.

According to UN Women, only 4% of more than 80,000 UN Peacekeepers are women, and, proudly for Egypt, Nahed Salah was able to stand and engage effectively with the community she serves.

The world is not the safest place, especially if you are a woman. That being said, once we see what people like Nahed Salah are capable of achieving for the empowerment of females, specifically females who are survivors of sexual violence, the world becomes a much less grim space.

We are super proud of Nahed Salah, and of all those Egyptian women who are looking to make the world a safer place for women anywhere and everywhere!