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This International Brand Wants Egyptian Women to Embark on New Journeys

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This International Brand Wants Egyptian Women to Embark on New Journeys
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    With International Women’s Day just a few days away, it becomes important to remember how, for a long time, women have been subjected to a lot of prejudice, and alienation. A lot of their efforts have been discarded, and a large sector has always sought to marginalize them.

    In the meanwhile, Galaxy Egypt have been releasing different flavours, geared towards satisfying all the different taste buds out there. Their different flavours are an invitation for women to experience new journeys. It’s a metaphor, a vote of confidence, and an analogy to ponder. Galaxy wants women to resist, and to not let anything stop them from experiencing something they deserve.

    Women’s rights have seen a ton of improvement over the past few years; now, more than ever, the rate of improvement has increased, as women fight for more rights, and receive equal treatment. With International Women’s Day being on the 8th of March, and with trending movements such as #MeToo and Time’s Up everywhere around us, we seem to be hitting a stride. Feminists, males and females alike, have long encouraged the freedom to pursue one’s passions, career, and lifestyle, without facing any gender-based limitations. As such, encouraging women to embark on different experiences, and take on adventures without fear, is what can drive the women’s rights movement further down the right path.

    Galaxy Chocolate has long been a sponsor of female happiness. Indeed, the international chocolate brand has forever been the provider of the indulgence that all women deserve, and the supplier of the delights that all women should reap and realize! The choice is yours, with the favourite five flavours still available (Milk, Hazelnut, Crispy, Caramel, and Fruit & Nut), and the introduction of two new adventurous flavours: the Galaxy Truffle, and the Galaxy Digestive. Try the Galaxy Digestive, or the Galaxy Truffle right now, as these limited editions will be running only for the next few months. Indulge in your favourite delight, but don’t forget to try out novel and flavourful adventures.