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This Is How Etisalat Has Created a Summer to Remember for Emerald Customers

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This Is How Etisalat Has Created a Summer to Remember for Emerald Customers
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Cairo 360

Being one of the best telecom operator in Egypt, Etisalat has always made it its mission to deliver high-quality service to all its customers, especially Emerald’s, who were in for a treat during the season in Sahel.

The operator celebrated Emerald customers with a diversity of unique experiences that took the form of fun games and activities, including a Treasure Hunt, where players were given a detector to search for the hidden treasures buried in the sand.

Having taken place in Hacienda Bay, Hacienda, and Bianchi, the game series was a hit among Emerald customers, especially with Etisalat’s list of valuable giveaways. From iPhones, Samsung Phones, and smartwatches, to speakers, and floaters; Emerald loyal customers were duly rewarded. 

The celebrations continued until mid-August, when Etisalat served its valued Emerald customers another round of Treasure Hunt on August the 9th at Mountain View Ras El Hikma, before taking it up another notch with a couple of breathtaking heliosphere shows.

The unique shows took place at Lakeyard in Hacienda Bay on the 15th and 16th of August, where a round of skilled acrobat players flaunted their talents of keeping the balance on the flying balloons. Not just that, Etisalat Emerald gave the chance to everyone who wanted to try out the heliosphere experience for themselves. 

It’s clear that there’s nothing Etisalat wouldn’t do to appreciate their faithful Emerald customers; offering them unique giveaways and summer experiences in a creative and fun way that will make it a summer to remember.