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This NGO Is Celebrating Mother’s Day in the Best Way Possible

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This NGO Is Celebrating Mother’s Day in the Best Way Possible
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Cairo 360

The cycle of life dictates that parents care for their children, and then children grow up and care for their parents. But what about those parents and/or people who grow up and find themselves alone in this world, with no one to care for them? 

While a lot of nursing homes attempt to compensate such parents/people, they still can’t possible give the elderly everything they need. An NGO by the name of 180 Degrees is doing its part, and attempting to do just that: they want to give the elderly the love and care they deserve and need. 180 Degrees also looks to tackle several issues, including poor health conditions, poverty, and education: 180 Degrees attempts to create effective and sustainable solutions for these host of issues, with the goal of bettering the community always in mind. 

Their upcoming event, Elderly Young, is 180 Degrees‘ latest project. On the 24th of March, 180 Degrees will use 15 buses, to transport a large amount of elderly individuals -residing in nursing homes – to The Field Maadi, with the goal of helping these individuals experience the joy of celebrating a day like Mother’s Day. From 1 pm to 7 pm, they have a full day planned at The Field Maadi. The event will include live oriental tunes, cool games, fun activities, and so much more. 

Giving back to the community, by means of spreading joy, is one of the noblest acts imaginable, and 180 Degrees has partnered up with The Field Maadi to do just that. You can help too: join them on Saturday, in their fight against depression and loneliness, and help spread positivity among the elderly members of the community.