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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: 9 Creative Escape Room Games in Cairo

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: 9 Creative Escape Room Games in Cairo
    written by
    Omar Yousry

    An adventure game that was born in Asia, flew all the way to the US and finally made its way to Egypt, Escape Rooms are taking over Cairo by storm. The concept is simple; a group of people are locked into a room with dozens of clues, riddles and scattered objects designed to help them –within 60 minutes – unlock the room and escape. Whether you think escape rooms provide a great alternative for a fun outing or you think Cairo is going through yet another cupcake and burger craze, we’ve gathered up a list of escape rooms in Cairo you should know about.

    1. The Room

    Located in 6th of October, The Room is one of the first escape rooms in Cairo and probably the most famous one. With two rooms, including ‘The Kid from the 90s’ –a trap room filled with clues and riddles from the 90s— and ‘The Office’ –where you get trapped inside an evil genius’ office and must escape to alert the authorities—The Room promises a fun experience for those who have a sense of wit and adventure. For more information call 01026856060.

    2. Trapped

    Coming all the way from the UK, Trapped is another popular entertainment facility located in New Cairo. With four different rooms with varying backstories and difficulty levels, escape rooms at Trapped challenges your IQ and your team-playing skills. Escape room themes include ‘Bunker 38’ –where your team gets trapped in a bunker with limited 60-minute-oxygen— and ‘The Dungeon Of Doom’ –where one of the group is sentenced to death and you all have to unlock the room to escape as a team. For more information call 01028885599.

    3. BreakOut

    Breakout is another popular escape room located in New Cairo, which has three exciting escape room plots including ‘The Public Toilet’, ‘The Cursed Tomb’ and ‘The Prison Cell’; not to mention holiday-themed escape rooms for occasions like Ramadan and Christmas. For more information call 01210529695

    4. Escape

    “It was never a game,” suggests Escape’s Facebook page. With three different frightening settings including ‘Prison’, ‘Asylum’ and ‘Morgue’, Escape not only challenges your ability to decrypt clues and riddles, but also challenges your psyche and puts your nerves to the test. Escape is located in Masr El Gedida. For more information call 01012468090.

    5. Escape Room

    Escape Room is another entertainment facility located in Heliopolis, offering an escape room experience from the UK. Escape Room offers four exciting trap settings–with a fifth one coming soon – including ‘Ascension’ a room inspired by the movie ‘Up’ in which you need to escape before the house floats away, ‘The Mummy’ a thrilling site where finding the elixir of life is the only way to escape suffering from Thutmosis’ wrath and ‘Prison Break’, where you have to escape your cell and help your inmates before the security guards come back. For more information call 01022222048.

    6. Escapology

    Located in Sheikh Zayed, Escapology doesn’t give you much information about the nature of their escape rooms; but nonetheless promises an exciting, scary and fun experience within each of its rooms. Escapology’s rooms include the bone-chilling ‘Room 13’, a ‘Hitler’s Office’ for those who love mastermind plots and a save-the-world-from-a-fatal-virus at ‘Quarantine Lab’. For more information call 01061651561.

    7. Escapers

    Located in Downtown Mall in New Cairo, Escapers is another escape room facility which gained massive popularity across Cairo. Escapers offer four exciting rooms each providing a different sense of adventure, including ‘The Lab of Vlad Tepes’, ‘The Warehouse of Aladdin’, ‘The CSI’, ‘The Tomb of Escathon’; not to mention two additional rooms for races and competitions. For more information call 01001912625.

    8. Exit

    Exit escape room is located in Nasr City and offers three different escape rooms, from ‘General Apu’s Police Station’ –where you get trapped with a fearful police general – ‘The Mystery Room’ and ‘The Demonic Playground’. Exit indicates on their website that the escape rate at one of their rooms –the police station one—is very low; but who knows, you might be among the lucky 12% who make it out. For more information call 01002550607.

    9. Sherlocked

    Inspired by the master mind detective, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlocked is a movie-themed escape room located in Dokki. Sherlocked has two escape rooms: Pirates of the Caribbean-themed ‘Prison Cell’ and ‘The Asylum’, inspired by the famous horror movie, ‘The Ring’. For more information call 01065008866.

    Escape game prices begin from 350LE for a minimum of 3 people to 650 LE for 6 people.

    Have Fun!