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Two Million Egyptian Pounds Are Closer than You Think with Emirates NBD – Egypt’s Latest Campaign

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Two Million Egyptian Pounds Are Closer than You Think with Emirates NBD – Egypt’s Latest Campaign
written by
Mariam Nowar

Last September saw the launch of Emirates NBD – Egypt’s 2020 campaign, Mega Liabilities. The campaign is set to last until the end of the year and offers the bank’s new and existing customers the chance to win monthly prizes, as well as the grand prize; not one, but two million EGP.

Entitled ‘El Feloos Betghayar’ (Money changes people), Emirates NBD – Egypt’s ad campaign for Mega Liabilities took over the media with a series of videos featuring all-time favourite comedian Soliman Eid, as well as movie star Tamer Hagrass. The concept plays on the idea that money has the power to change many aspects of one’s life, especially if it’s as a massive sum of EGP 2 million. The video shows Eid transforming from his current self, as he counts his money in Arabic, to the dreamy Hagrass counting in English. This goes to show that your life can also transform into a more upscale one as soon as you collect your prize from Emirates NBD – hopefully, if you’re lucky enough.

By the end of each month starting from 15th of September 2020, Emirates NBD Egypt shall be handing monthly cash prizes for three months whereby one client per month will be eligible to win EGP 500K in cash if the average monthly balance is at  a Minimum of EGP 50,000 in his/her account. Either in current account, current plus account or saving account

 For the Grand prize draw, Minimum Average balance of EGP 50k should be maintained in Current, Current Plus, or Savings account by the end of campaign period for the client to be eligible to enter the final draw. In January 2021, the bank will announce the draw for the grand prize EGP 2 million.

 “The strategy of Emirates NBD – Egypt aims to support the country’s plans for economic recovery and achieving financial inclusion by providing innovative banking services that satisfy our customers”, says Mohamed Berro, CEO of Emirates NBD – Egypt.

This is not the first time Emirates NBD – Egypt has treated its customers with massive prizes; it started in 2017 when the bank offered one lucky winner a Maserati, while in 2018 a number of clients won monthly cash prizes, with a lucky winner taking a grand prize of 5 million EGP. Last year, eight BMW cars were given away to eight clients, plus a 5 million EGP grand prize given to a lucky winner.

“We are launching this campaign for the fourth year in a row to encourage our new and existing customers to invest their savings and benefit from our offers and banking services. We are keen to provide the best benefits to our customers and the best return on investment and to provide electronic banking services to easily facilitate the procedures for our customers in dealing with their accounts without having to visit the bank”, added Berro.