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U of Canada: Graduate with a Globally Accredited Canadian Degree from the Comfort of Your Motherland

cairo Canada Education in egypt egypt U of canada University of Prince Edwards Island (UPEI).
U of Canada: Graduate with a Globally Accredited Canadian Degree from the Comfort of Your Motherland
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A globally accredited degree from a prestigious university paves the way to a bright prospect. However, for many students, living far away from home can be stressful. Offering you the best of both worlds, the Universities of Canada In Egypt, at the New Administrative Capital Branch Campus, gives you the chance to acquire a degree from the University of Prince Edwards Island (UPEI).

Enjoy a spectrum of programmes that cater to the needs of the global market, and tailored to deliver unique educational techniques, U of Canada offers a mix of hands-on, teamwork, industry-link, and project-based learning experiences. And all of this is within the walls of the smart campus with its advanced classrooms, lounges, and greenery.

Taught by world-class professors, UPEI Cairo Campus offers various degrees to choose from. These include Sustainable Design Engineering, a 4-year programme in the fields of Mechatronics, sustainable energy, and bio-resources; Computer Science, with majors in Video Game Programming, Data Analytics, and Business Analytics; Business, with majors in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Organisational Management, Finance, and Accounting; Arts, with majors in Political Science, and Economics. As for post-graduate studies, the university offers an MBA in Global Leadership.

The programmes offered in Egypt are identical to those offered in Canada, giving you a seamless transfer in case you decided to complete your studies there, after the first year.

Understanding the damage caused by the pandemic, U of Canada has extended its early admission discount until the 30th of June. Enjoy a discount of 1500 CAD when you pay the tuition deposit before the previously mentioned date. We’re only a few days away from the end of the offer, go ahead and apply here.