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#UberMeMate9: Huawei Teams Up with Uber & Egyptian Motor Racing Star Rami Serry

#UberMeMate9: Huawei Teams Up with Uber & Egyptian Motor Racing Star Rami Serry
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Cairo 360

Imagine if you ordered an Uber and you find a racing car waiting for you. Imagine if, as you get closer, you find a man in the driver’s seat wearing a helmet. Imagine if this driver turned out to be Egyptian motor racing legend-in-the-making Rami Serry. Eek is the word you’re looking for.

This is exactly what happened last week, when Serry drove around pretty much the entirety of Cairo and Giza as part of a fun launch for the Huawei Mate 9. Lauded for its fast processor and lighting speed battery charging, the out-of-the-box idea makes a kind of poetic sense when you think about it.


Whatever the case, Uber users were given this unique chance by simply ordering the Uber Mate 9 Car on the app for a chance to join Serry in his car and each one also won a brand spanking new Mate 9. Those who weren’t lucky enough to fall into Serry’s path got the chance to win a Mate 9 by snapping a photo of the car if they spotted it and posting on Instagram.


The stunt caused quite a stir on social media, even with those who didn’t know Serry, because, well, racing cars just look really cool.

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