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Vaping in Cairo: 8 Egyptian E-Liquid Brands That Have Taken on the E-Cigarette Trend

Vaping in Cairo: 8 Egyptian E-Liquid Brands That Have Taken on the E-Cigarette Trend
written by
Omar Yousry

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, to say the least, and people have sought out alternatives to either quit smoking or at least lower the side effects as much as possible.

One such alternative is smoking E-cigarettes – or vaping – and there has been a rising community of vapers in Egypt, especially online; so much so that there are currently more than twenty Egyptian E-liquid makers.

Using USA-imported ingredients, they’ve created their own unique spin and production line, giving the country’s increasing number of vapers the chance to enjoy it at a reasonable price, ranging between 70LE to 200LE. We’ve decided to highlight some of the brands that we’ve found interesting.

1. Madnez

Having distributers in countries like UAE, Bahrain and London, Madnez consider themselves the first e-liquid manufacturer from Egypt; they have an assortment of flavors in their range – six in total – including the creamy strawberry Milk, cantaloupe flavored Castaway, alongside the coffee infused Arabian Nights.

2. Steam Bird

Founded in 2015, Steam Bird can be found at almost every vaping store in Cairo and has recently reinvented itself after a year of development. With six flavors – and two new ones on the way – it covers a wide variation, with the premium tobacco mix of Porsche, and apple pie and cookies in Jaguar worth checking out.

3. Valkyrie

Also founded in 2015, Valkyrie offer high quality e-liquids, worldwide shipping and eleven different flavours, ranging from plain tobacco, to tiramisu and cheesecake – there’s definitely something for everybody in their line.

4. Magic

Starting in Egypt before making its way to the USA, Magic offers with twelve different flavours that cover a huge selection of tastes and aromas to satisfy every need from coffee, or cappuccino to a cigar or fruit flavours – they even offer base solutions for DIY creations in different sizes. 

5. Horny Hamster

The interestingly named Horny Hamster has been around for some time and even their flavours have intriguing names; The Godfather, Mamma Mia, Hot lips, Yum Yum and O Riesen to name but a few, each with their own unique spin.


A new player in the Egyptian E-liquid market, VNTG has the looks of an international brand, with four unique flavours; the peanut butter based Skippy, strawberry and yogurt mix Strawgurt, cinnamon infused cookies 1969, and, finally, the vanilla glazed donut, O donut.

7. Pegasus

Not only does Pegasus have its own flavours, but they have successfully cloned some of USA’s most popular after flavors like the O.B., Sucker Punch and M. Milk. They are very transparent from where they get their flavours on their page, too.

8. The Frisky

With six flavours in its arsenal, Frisky has one of the best looking presentations of their line up on their page, each with their unique design to match each unique flavour, including Dragon fruit.

Honourable Mentions

There are other brands in Egypt that also offer premium E-liquids using imported ingredients, like Ronnie’s, Clash, Ivape and UFO that are worth checking out.

(Editor's Note: Though E-Cigarettes have been proven by some studies to be 95% less harmful than tobacco, Cairo 360 does not endorse smoking or nicotine consumption in any form)