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Vaping: What to Look For When Buying a ‘Mod’ in Cairo

Vaping: What to Look For When Buying a ‘Mod’ in Cairo
written by
Omar Yousry

Vaping has been a recent growing, with a big community reaching numbers in the thousands in Egypt.  With that ever growing rise, there are smokers who want to know more about it or at least how to get into it hoping for a better alternative than smoking.

In vaping there are devices called mods that people use, and their job is basically mixing three components together; the power supply provides the electricity to the coil which heat up the liquid tuning it into vapour which is afterwards inhaled providing the nicotine and flavour to the user.

Smokers tend to feel lost when going into vaping at the beginning and don’t know where to start, so we decided to simplify it and give examples to help them figure out which is best for them to start vaping with a bit of time, stop smoking altogether.

For Beginners

Vape pens are usually the best option for newbies, as they have a cigar/cigarette like design, with a tight draw to simulate the draw of a cigarette. Simplicity is key with these devices, working with a one button function so that it would discourage smokers with complicated controls.

The Joytech Ego AIO is one such device; it’s simple in design and comes in an assortment of colors, with a fixed tank and a tight draw for mouth-to-lung drags, it’s relatively cheap and great for people on a budget.

Another alternative is the Eleaf Ijust 2 and its mini version; this one has a bigger – removable – tank and battery, so it offers upgradability while still retaining a simple one button interface and sleek metallic design.

For Intermediate & Advanced

After a while, vapers often want to upgrade to a higher-end device that gives you more options. With a wider draw that resembles a shisha more than a cigarette, they offer more control on temperature, power and more, but at a higher price tag.

One of the most famous and popular devices is the Eleaf Istick Pico which has is small and comes in several colours and is usually sold with a tank or on its own. Tt is can go up to 75 watts and is available at almost every vape seller in Egypt.

The Sigielei Fuchai 213 is even better, offering a high quality feel through a compact design, works on two batteries and goes to 155 watts. However, one of the most loved features of the device is its accurate temperature control and that it comes with a free silicon cover in the box.

Going up the vaping chain the Wismec RX200S goes up to 200 watts, with interchangeable panels designed for customisation. It works on three batteries making it have the longest battery life than any on our list.

Before buying anything set a budget for yourself and check reviews to know what you’re looking for here are some of the best that we could find on YouTube that provide an insight as well as tutorials on how to use them .


An Egyptian Youtuber dedicated completely to vaping and helping others stop smoking, he has almost ten thousand subscribers, thanks to a simple, straight-to-the-point approach with a touch of comedy to keep things light.

Grim Green

With videos posted almost daily, Grim Green is a big vaping advocate with 292 thousand subscribers. He offers an in-depth look into everything he reviews and asks an important question at every review- if aliens took it from me would I go out and get another one?– in addressing budgets and value-for-money.

Rip Trippers

With seven hundred thousand subscribers, Rip Trippers makes short videos giving out as much information as possible in the shortest time possible, and is considered one of the biggest vaping YouTubers out there.

Now that you know about the devices, check out our feature detailing some of the best local e-liquid brands.

(Editor's Note: Though E-Cigarettes have been proven by some studies to be 95% less harmful than tobacco, Cairo 360 does not endorse smoking or nicotine consumption in any form)

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