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Villapark: Your Own Private Sanctuary in Alburouj

Villapark: Your Own Private Sanctuary in Alburouj
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Cairo 360

On your daily commute, your eyes can’t help but fall on the endless real estate billboards lining Cairo’s streets, bridges and highways, each one claiming that they have everything you need for your ‘dream home’. As you read the different messages, slogans and buzzwords, you wonder, which one out there is right one for me?

Well, here’s some food for thought; Alburouj looks like it has it all figured out with its exclusive out of this world sub-community, Villapark.

It’s difficult to equate terms like ‘pampered’ and ‘relaxed’ to life in this crazy city called Cairo, but the sum of Villapark’s parts are about to make it a reality.

Overlooking 70 stunning acres of greenery, landscape and various bodies of water, the villas range in size between 325 and 425 sqm; but here’s the real catch – they’re fully finished to Villapark’s contemporary and breezy aesthetic.

Not convinced? Well there’s plenty more to fall in love with. In addition to housing over 12km of bike lanes and jogging tracks, Villapark is also home to a boutique hotel that is geared towards fitness and wellness and boasts world-class facilities – this is in addition to a whole other wellness clinic and spa that Villapark has.

Building on this focus on a healthy lifestyle, the Orchard Park is possibly the most unique feature of Villapark. Filled with fruit-bearing trees and plants, it’s a stunning enclosure that will also include a farm shop that offers a rare farm-to-table experience that Egypt lacks. It all blends in perfectly with the many open spaces that afford residents the chance to go for a scenic picnic; but if you don’t fancy cooking, there will also be a string of fine-dining restaurants overlooking the lake, too – a lake that has a stage in the middle of it primed for all manner of live entertainment and events.

This all sounds like the lifestyle of a young hotshot professional, but Villapark also caters to children and families, offering children’s playgrounds, an edutainment park and…*drumroll*…a mini petting zoo. Yes, a mini petting zoo.

These are just a few of the features awaiting – we tried to get more out of the guys at Alburouj, but they’re keeping their cards close to their chests, only promising more surprises. You can do a bit of snooping on the Alburouj website, or call 19333 and try and get them to spill the beans yourself.