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Viral Video Shows Massive Sandstorm Hitting Egypt, but Is It Credible?

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Viral Video Shows Massive Sandstorm Hitting Egypt, but Is It Credible?
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You may have reveled in the past few dry days, enjoying the slight night breeze and the sharp summer sun. Though warning signs did come in the shape of an ever so ascending temperature gauge, something more severe is coming our way.

Egypt Today report that Ahmed Abdel Aal, head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, stated that there is a sandstorm coming towards Egypt, and is likely to hit Cairo by the middle of this week, which is about today. Abdel Aal added that rain is to be expected in the eastern parts of the country, however, there are no chances of rain in Cairo and the northern parts of Egypt, which means that if a sandstorm does come, the dust may settle with no rain to wash it away.

Moreover, a video has went viral on social media depicting the size of the menacing sandstorm, take a look at the following video. It is claimed to have been captured yesterday afternoon from an aeroplane headed to Cairo, and the sandstorm filmed is expected to hit our beloved city tonight and continue on in to Tuesday. So much for a midweek day off.

However, reputable weather reporting websites such as Accuweather have not mentioned anything about a sandstorm, though they did report the temperature rising. Until this moment there is nothing to confirm nor deny allegations of a sandstorm being headed towards us, but who knows, Egyptian weather has never been that easy to predict. As such, we can neither confirm nor deny whether or not the video is actually one captured in Egypt, within the last 24 hours.

In all cases, stay safe Cairenes, and take the necessary precautions.