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WARNING: Viral Videos Show Aliens Have Landed In Cairo

WARNING: Viral Videos Show Aliens Have Landed In Cairo
written by
Cairo 360

It’s finally happened. We’re not alone in the universe. Extraterrestrial l life is real and it’s here. Well at least that’s what several videos circulating social media platforms would have you believe.

The videos, which have gone viral in amassing well over 200,000 views in just a couple of days, all tell the same terrifying story: that aliens have landed on earth and have infiltrated our cities.

One of the videos seems to have been taken from a security camera and shows some kind anthropomorphous being running at superhuman speed, while another shows something circular floating in the air over the Nile. The most shocking one of all, however, seems to show a reflection of a face that is certainly not human.

Rumours are rife across the internet and several conspiracy theories are already doing the rounds. Some believe that the recent nationwide internet slowdown was down to interference caused by extraterrestrial equipment. Others believe that the new Zamalek Metro Station is actually the site of an alien crash landing being kept on lockdown by a secret organisation called MIB (Masriyeen in Black).

Whatever the case, no one know what the future holds for what we’ve seen in these videos – for now. Stay tuned for more…