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WATCH: Actor Nabil Issa Talks Birdwatching in Maadi, Travelling to Vietnam & More…

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WATCH: Actor Nabil Issa Talks Birdwatching in Maadi, Travelling to Vietnam & More…
written by
Sherif Khairy

Egypt has always been blessed with a range of talents in every single field and discipline. We recently sat down with actor, traveller, and photographer, Nabil Issa. While some of you may know him from his leading role in the Egyptian movie Habiby Sokar Mor (2015), or from his more recent special appearance in the 3 Da’qat music video, or even from his very special supporting roles in a number of films and TV series, when we sat down with Nabil Issa, we decided to explore and expose an entirely new side of him, away from his unbeatable acting chops. 

Word on the street is that Issa is quite the traveller, explorer, and extreme sports lover. This is exactly why we predominantly decided to dedicate our interview with him to these topics. Issa told us how whenever he sees a picture of a place with beautiful scenery on Instagram, he actively searches for where this place is located and plans a trip there. Indeed, Issa goes on to explain that this is exactly how he came to plan his trip to Vietnam. 

We couldn’t, of course, not ask Issa about his favourite travel destinations in Egypt, and he told us all about those as well. Issa also told us all about how his Maadi rooftop apartment helped him catch a glimpse of the uniquely beautiful species that inhabit Cairo, including parrots, yes you read that right folks. Given all this, we promise you this interview is like no other interview with a professional actor that you’ve ever seen.