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WATCH: Close Up’s Campaign Is the Most Hilarious Thing We’ve Seen in a While!

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WATCH: Close Up’s Campaign Is the Most Hilarious Thing We’ve Seen in a While!
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So, Close Up dropped this hilarious campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Throughout the past two weeks, their ads have been going viral for all the right reasons, taking social media by storm, and making us all laugh at how relatable they are.

Mouth odour can be a silent killer for social interactions or even job interviews. So if you’re looking to nail your next social or business appointment, make sure you get the odour in order first.

These seven versions of a boy-meets-girl story gave us secondhand embarrassment through the highly relatable depiction of such a situation. Whether you’re trying to impress a girl, looking to meet her at a fitness session, or even trying to save her in an action movie, it’s best to remember the basics and make sure you’ve brushed your teeth.

But don’t take our word for it, check out their biggest ad to get a better gist of what we’re saying. This is a classic story of a boy trying to impress the girl he likes, you can jump through all the hoops, but forgetting the basics can ruin everything at the final moment.

Food, or drinks are not the best option to cover up that smell, and while some breath mints may do the trick, the best option is always a good old teeth brushing. So if you want to avoid any of these hilarious/painfully awkward situations happening to you, get yourself some Close Up toothpaste.