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WATCH: Etisalat Emerald Ended Christmas Season With a Winter Wonderland Surprise at Ski Egypt!

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WATCH: Etisalat Emerald Ended Christmas Season With a Winter Wonderland Surprise at Ski Egypt!
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The Christmas season may be over, but before we close the door on such a wonderful and jolly time, there is still room for one more story. A story of family, joy, and loyalty, organized by none other than Etisalat Emerald, giving their most loyal customers a day that they will not forget.

Etisalat Emerald is the hottest loyalty program by a telecommunications company. It offers its members tons of excellent privileges, in addition to some of the most comprehensive and cost-effective plans you can find. This Christmas, Etisalat wanted to reward members of the Emerald family with an awesome day to thank them for their loyalty as Etisalat customers. So what happened?

The story took place in partnership with Ski Egypt. Etisalat held a day of fun created especially for the little kids, giving them a chat with Santa Claus himself, letting them loose in Ski Egypt’s arena where the little ones jumped around, had snowball fights, slid on snow hills, and all in all, just be kids. But there was an even bigger surprise waiting for them. Why don’t you check out the Emerald Christmas Surprise?

Yes folks, Santa himself gave the kids amazing Christmas presents, and then they got to hang out with none other than Sultan the Penguin and all his friends. There’s still much more where that came from, and we’re sure that this won’t be the last surprise Etisalat has for their Emerald family. So check out the Etisalat website, read about their Emerald package, and quickly find your way to becoming an Etisalat Emerald customer to enjoy the perks of Etisalat’s most loyal customers.