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WATCH: Mo Salah & Leo Messi Are the Stars of Pepsi’s Latest Ad
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Mohamed Salah has moved from being an average Egyptian player trying to play good football against big teams, to a superstar at a major Premier League club fighting for his title as the top scorer. Long gone are the days of us celebrating Salah being subbed in when playing for Chelsea. 

However, what is in fact news, is seeing our very own Mo Salah star in a Pepsi ad next to one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, footballer in the world, Lionel Messi. It all started when we saw Salah in behind-the-scene footage doing some impressive tricks. The internet went crazy over his tricks, and as Egyptians, our emotions were mixed between going nuts, and feeling proud.

Soon after, Messi posted his own behind-the-scenes footage, showing a trick of his own. With the Argentinian being the talent that he is, we knew we were in for something quite special. After being very much impressed with what Salah had to offer, it seemed Messi might have just topped the Egyptian King’s trick.

Recently, we were treated to a cool little Pepsi ad featuring the best player in the world, next to Lionel Messi, at least that’s how most of us Egyptians see it. The ad is part of Pepsi’s new global football campaign under the slogan “For the Love of It.”

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Mohamed Salah has a very busy schedule ahead of him; Liverpool is to face Bayern Munich next Tuesday in the Round of 16 of the Champions League at home, before heading to Manchester to face Manchester United. Liverpool continue their pursuit of the Premier League’s trophy. They currently sit second behind Manchester City on goal difference, with a game in hand.