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WATCH: Mo Salah Redefines the Phrase “Working Under Pressure”

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WATCH: Mo Salah Redefines the Phrase “Working Under Pressure”
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    We have all heard the phrase “works well under pressure”; yes, it’s that phrase you type in your CV, without ever taking the time to contemplate what it actually means. Well one man has showed Egyptians, and the rest of the world, what this phrase truly means: the man is of course, Mohamed Salah.

    After being on the bench for most of his time at Chelsea FC, Salah shot to fame whilst playing for AC Roma, and now Liverpool. If anything, this athlete’s journey reminds us all of how far determination, perseverance, and hard work can take a person. Indeed, it would be extremely naive to assume that Salah’s success was presented to him on a golden platter; this man has faced many obstacles, and has truly beaten the odds. Think about it: from a local Egyptian player in Mo’aweleen Football Club to the UEFA finals (we think we just found the title of Salah’s biography). 

    All that being said, such triumph over adversity inevitable requires the presence of one very important skill: the capacity to work under pressure. Can you imagine what it feels like to be in Salah’s shoes? Can you imagine the pressure he must have felt as he was getting ready to shoot that penalty against Congo? Think about how nervous we all were while watching him shoot, and recall how much pressure we felt as this was truly the final opportunity. Now, go back and ask yourselves the aforementioned questions regarding Salah’s psyche and state of mind during that very moment. Millions watching, millions counting on him, millions of beating hearts, a moment of silence that seemed to last a lifetime, and suddenly a goal that will go down in Egyptian football history. 

    Egyptian’s curiosity to enter Salah’s mind is perhaps what got caused a recent video, released by the King himself, to go viral in a matter of seconds. The video shows Salah explaining and narrating his feelings, and stating that the 100 million Egyptians relying on him do not constitute a debilitating pressure, rather they provide a support system and a loving fan base that only propels him to work hard. So to those looking for a lesson on working under pressure, take a page out of Mo Salah’s book folks: a man who has once again proved that athletic skills alone are not enough to make anyone a great athlete.