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Watch the Heartwarming Story of Fasahet Somaya

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Watch the Heartwarming Story of Fasahet Somaya
written by
Kareem Sheta

Featured image: Fasahet Somaya – Facebook


Nostalgia is a common phenomenon nowadays, especially with the rapid industrialization and modernization that we endure on daily basis. Things are moving so fast that it feels as though identities are lost in the midst of all the change, and memories are not treasured as often as they once were. The same concept applies to something as simple as enjoying a nice dinner.

Today, when you’re out eating with your friends, you’re always on your phone, usually for social media. What happened to just sitting at a nice restaurant, appreciating some good food with your loved ones and discussing general stress-free topics? Which brings us to a small cozy restaurant called Fasahet Somaya, founded on the 22nd of October, 2011, right after the revolution.

We first came across Fasahet Somaya in a video by Downtown Cairo, an organization dedicated to reviving Downtown’s long forgotten glory and reaffirming its position as one of Egypt’s greatest architectural treasures. Somaya Al-Asyoty, the chef, owner and fellow Downtown resident said, “There was no homemade food in Downtown before we opened.” She also talks about how cooking was a vital tool in expressing her love for her friends and family.

Fasahet Somaya is located in a small alley in Hoda Shaarawy Street. Al-Asyoty stated that it literally had 3 tables, an open kitchen, and a small bathroom. To avoid the constant hassle of daily preparations on her own, she originally had a fixed menu for 6-7 days a week until she decided to diversify the options, a few months later, to break the monotonous routine. Because of Somaya’s heartwarming attitude towards cooking, as well as the love, passion, and maternal instinct that she introduces to her food and business, her customers and fans increase more and more each year.

We were so intrigued by her story that we came across another video that you should definitely see. It’s a piece by Women of Egypt, where she discusses why she built the restaurant, the reason behind the name “Fasahet”, a mouthwatering look at her various delicious plates, and more!