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WATCH: We Sat Down With Reem Ashraf, the Girl About to Set a Guinness World Record

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WATCH: We Sat Down With Reem Ashraf, the Girl About to Set a Guinness World Record
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We’re always proud of our fellow Egyptians reaching milestones, breaking barriers, and setting records.  Today we’re talking about a special young Egyptian girl. Passionate about diving from an impressively young age, Reem Ashraf has embarked on an unfathomable mission to set a new Guinness record in diving underwater.

Reem Ashraf’s passion for diving started at 5 years of age. Her father is in the Egyptian Military, particularly in the Sa’ka Forces. His heavy training inspired her to do some advanced training of her own. At 14 years old, Reem is embarking on this adventure to break the Guinness record for the longest time spent underwater with 55 continuous hours. Yes, 55 hours of staying underwater, living a “normal” life for over two days.

The previous record is set at 51 hours by an Australian diver, but the interesting thing is that this record would not normally include the age range of Reem, she’d be too young. Despite that, she decided to email the Guinness World Records and asked them to allow her to challenge in an age range older than her own.

Next month, on the 3rd of October to be exact, Reem Ashraf will stay underwater for 55 hours straight, living a normal life, sleeping, drinking, and eating. She’ll also be drawing on large banners to pass the time, and perhaps break another record for the number of large banners drawn underwater. Talk about two birds with one stone. You can hear from her for yourself in our exclusive interview with the girl of the hour.

Reem started diving at 12 years of age, and after two years of intensive training, she’s confident that she can set a new world record. Her passion for diving and the sea will help her get through this intense process. Reem is secure in her mission, looking forward to enjoy the beautiful views underwater, and confident of her abilities, and we are too. Go on Reem, may you rock the world with your achievements.