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Water Services Will Be Cut Off for 24 Hours

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Water Services Will Be Cut Off for 24 Hours
written by
Sherif Khairy

Prepare yourselves Cairenes, and set aside bottles of water because the water you take for granted will not be available for 24 hours. The Egyptian Water & Sanitation Company has announced that water services will be cut off from Friday at 9 pm, all the way through to 9 pm on Saturday.

The affected areas include Al-Warraq, Al-Agouza, Dokki, and northern parts of Giza. Residents of Boulaq will be a bit luckier as they will only see a reduction in water pressure. These are due to operations required to change the pipelines in the area near Ahmed Oraby Street to allow for the commencement of operations regarding Al-Tawfiqia metro station in Ahmed Oraby Street.

The Egyptian Water & Sanitation Company has also advised bakeries and hospitals to store their required water supplies and to be prepared during those 24 hours. The company will also be providing vehicles supplying drinking water in the affected areas. Residents can call upon those vehicles through the following hotline: 125.

Stay safe, Cairenes, and be ready for a disrupted weekend.