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Water Villas: Lavish Sea View Experience at Hacienda Bay

Water Villas: Lavish Sea View Experience at Hacienda Bay
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Cairo 360

This year’s Sahel season without a doubt bustled with countless hot spots and live entertainment destinations competing to make your Sahel weekend getaways as eventful as ever.

Perhaps Hacienda Bay got the biggest share of the cake this year; encompassing a line-up of some of the hottest destinations amongst Sahel community, including Lake Yard, Bay Side and 6ix Degrees.

Once again, aiming to harvest a top-notch project like Hacienda Bay, Palm Hills Development is designing the blueprints for Water Villas, a new opulent seaside concept set to elevate the game of seaside luxury in Egypt.    

Situated inside Hacienda Bay, Water Villas is a compound extension within Hacienda Bay comprised of cabins, chalets and villas, with full-frontal sea view, providing an exquisite panorama over Sidi Abdel Rahman’s beautiful crystal blue coast.   

Whether by its unique architecture, its lavish residential units or its sea view, Water Villas is a vacationing experience that will surely bring you closer to that extravagant surreal experience you've always dreamed of from your favorite holiday movie; only this one is real and about 300km away from Cairo.