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Weddings in Cairo: 10 Makeup Artists Every Bride Should Hire

Weddings in Cairo: 10 Makeup Artists Every Bride Should Hire
written by
Hend Salah

Makeup has become a form of art – and every art has its artists. The rise of makeup experts almost as brands over the past few years in Egypt and the Middle East proves as such.

While it may seem like a small part of a wedding, a bride-to-be’s makeup is essential to the day and so the perfect makeup artist is as, if not more, important to pulling off the perfect wedding as anything else.

Putting together a wedding is already riddle with hurdles and potential potholes, but finding someone to entrust your makeup with is no easy task, which is why we’ve compiled here a list of some of the most talented makeup artists in Egypt…

1. Marwa Abaza

A Lancome certified makeup artist with over 15 years of experience, Marwa Abaza owns her own beauty centre in Heliopolis where she works along with her team of professional and talented makeup artists , working under the aim of ‘uncovering the natural beauty of a woman’.

2. Dina Ragheb

Driven by the concept of “If you look good, you feel good,” Dina Ragheb uses colours and shades that perfectly mingle with the tone of the skin giving a fresh, natural and flawless look.

3. Sally Rashid

A business administration graduate who followed her passion for makeup, Sally Rashid is a trained and certified make-up artist by Dior, YSL and Giorgio Armani who specialises in bridal and fashion makeup and provides her services in both Cairo and Alexandria.

4. Yasmine Ebeid

A rising makeup artist who studied her craft in London, Yasmine Ebeid specialises in bridal makeup as well as fashion and editorial makeup. With a touch of elegance, Ebeid is known for her budget friendly packages and her versatility in providing a look for any occasion.

5. Fatma Bahgat

Certified by the renowned Lebanese makeup artist, Fady Kataya, Fatma Bahgat is a professional makeup artist whose approach touches on the concept of simplicity and providing soft, elegant makeup.

6. Abdallah El Rifai

A talented makeup artist who enjoys playing with all the different colours and shades, Abdallah El Rifai is another versatile make-up artist who will cater your look to your every need.

7. Dina Dimitry

Dimitry’s salon is located in Mohandeseen and fully equipped with top-notch makeup products and a professional team of makeup artists who perfectly mix and match different colours and shades to give a bold and edgy look in a subtle manner, creating flawless faces.

8. Aisha Ghanem

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping look, then Aisha Ghanem is the go-to. A certified professional makeup artist, Ghanem has been in the business since 2009; her dedication to brides has won her a loyal following.

9. Maha Youssef

Maha Youssef is a full-service beauty artist who has been providing bridal makeup services for over 12 years now. Over the years, Youssef has gained a reputation for being creative where appropriate and isn’t afraid to take chances.

10. Mai Ayman

From bridal makeup to high-end fashion makeup services, Mai Ayman is all about bringing out inner beauty through masterfully crafted techniques that will not only make any bride shine on her special day, but also picture perfect.

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