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What Does Your Favourite Cairo District Say About You

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What Does Your Favourite Cairo District Say About You
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    Nada Medhat
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    This is exactly what it sounds like. We all have favourite cafes, restaurants, books, and by default, favourite areas in Cairo. Believe it or not, what your favourite places are isn’t random; it gives away who you’re inclined to be! We’ve combined the essence of the most popular areas around Cairo and paired it with what it might suggest about you. 


    You’re classy but up-to-date. You have a strong sense of perpetual nostalgia and enjoy starting your day with long walks. You enjoy stopping and taking a moment to observe the world. You’re not that quiet, but you prefer listening to speaking. You’re a little old-fashioned; you prefer physical books to e-readers and phone calls to texting, but you don’t have strong opinions on either. As a child, you were often told you were very mature for your age.

    New Cairo

    You’re an ambivert; you like spending time among people and groups, but once your social battery is empty, you want to be able to draw away and leave immediately. You enjoy long drives, especially if you’re the one driving and the streets are dark and quiet. You’re also adventurous and love discovering anything new. If a new restaurant opens today, you’re there, and whenever a new trend happens, you’re one of the first to hop on it, so much so that you often leave it behind by the time everyone else is discovering it.

    Downtown Cairo

    One of your most used phrases is “I wish I was born in another century.” You like everything old; movies, books, architecture, restaurants and cafes. You start most of your conversations with “Marvel isn’t real cinema.” Some people think you’re pretentious, but you just have really strong opinions that demand people to listen and understand them. You constantly feel out of place, and it makes you restless, but you take pride in your difference, even when that difference causes you suffering. You’re paradoxically half-cynical, half-idealist. You don’t like how the world is now and have little belief in people, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to cause societal change. 

    Nasr City

    You like chaos and thrive in it. You take morbid pleasure from things going wrong (as long as no one is hurt). You’re often in a liminal space, either emotionally or physically, and you’ve grown so used to it that it’s comfortable for you now. You theoretically agree with constant transformation and ardently defend change, but really, you only like the state in between transitions, and you don’t want the final result of the change. In your actual life, you’re very attached to how things are for you. You dislike the idea of moving and probably won’t ever do it unless you have to.