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What, Where, & with Whom?

What, Where, & with Whom?
written by
Nelly Ezz

Most of us get caught up in a hectic whirlwind of activities which start Sunday until Thursday non-stop. Time slips by as we rush to finish off work and errands, only to find ourselves slipping into the weekend. We all acknowledge that spending quality time together is the best way to show each other that we care, but finding things to do isn’t always easy. So, If you’re wondering how to spend quality time with your family and friends on weekends, we’re here to offer you some creative weekly suggestions.


This Saturday, 11th of December, a very special event is taking place in AIS school in Sheikh Zayed. If you’re on Facebook, then you probably bumped into the “I Make This” group. If you haven’t, it’s a group for women who make products or offer services and want to advertise them for free.  This group attracted attention and has now reached almost 187,000 members and counting. This year, this group collaborated with AIS school to bring a Christmas Bazaar where 100 creative women will participate. The event will include jewellery, Christmas decorations, fashion, entertainment, music, games, and more. The Christmas event is open to the public, not just AIS parents, and tickets can be bought at the gate. Adult tickets are 100 LE, kids are 75 LE, and children under four years old are free.

If you’d like to get a bite to eat before or after, Andrea New Giza is the perfect spot. Escape the Friday crowd, and head on Saturday to better enjoy the atmosphere. During winter, their working hours are from 12 PM- 11 PM; you can grab breakfast or their ever-so-popular selection of grills and sides for lunch while enjoying the sunset horizon.


The American International School inside Greens compound in Sheikh Zayed City from 11 AM – 8 PM.

Andrea New Giza, New Giza Road on Cairo Alexandria Desert Road from 12 PM – 11 PM.


You can spend the day as a family or ladies can go with their girlfriends. The event is great for shopping and meeting new people, while Andrea is the perfect spot to enjoy a pleasant meal as a family or with friends – especially since they have a kids’ area and wine and beer options for adults.