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You Can Now Literally Fly Over the Pyramids

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You Can Now Literally Fly Over the Pyramids
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Cairo 360

Karim EL Emary (AKA Pyro Emary), the 35-year-old Egyptian wingsuiter, has had a passion for extreme sports since he was 16 years old. His heart was set on skydiving since he was a teenager, and as he puts it, “It ran in the family. My Father was a Paratrooping General in the military.” This passion of his is going to create an incredible experience for many people, from the 25th to the 30th of April.

Skydiving requires a lot of practice, safety measures and a mindset of “I will not die today; I am actually trying to spread this message from my Facebook page (Wingsuiter MASRY), and raise more awareness surrounding the sport. We are also offering people chances to practice skydiving in Kenya and Russia.” Pyro told us. The main reason behind this event is to promote sports tourism, and pave the path for more skydiving events in Egypt. “This country has the optimal weather conditions for flying, and that is something you don’t find everywhere,” Pyro said.

Pyro tells us that in order to transform his dream of skydiving over the pyramids into a reality, he has partnered up with Sky Sports EG. For the professional skydivers (who have the B License and a record of 200 jumps) they can jump using a wing suit at an altitude of 8000ft, but must own the gear required.

Also, for those who are trying this for the very first time, they can partake in tandem flying; they can basically attach/strap themselves to a professional skydiver, while he/she operates the parachute (this costs $750). You can also fly with a paramotor, if you are a certified paramotor pilot and have medical insurance. A Guinness World Records panel will also be present to document the flying of the biggest Egyptian flag with a paramotor over the pyramids ever!

Parachuting events over the pyramids are a very rare occurrence. In fact, it has happened only two times so far, so hurry up and reserve!