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You Won’t Believe How Much This Otlob Order Amounted To

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You Won’t Believe How Much This Otlob Order Amounted To
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via Otlob


Ordering food at work is a sacred tradition, but more so, it’s a noble task that only the bravest of employees would take upon themselves. It takes diligence to get everyone’s order right, and ninja stealth to not let the news of your ordering go too public. You’ll need patience in accommodating to everyone’s specific orders, and the diplomacy of presidents in bringing back your money without sounding like a cheapskate.

When it comes to ordering food, Otlob has been the main remote option, and despite the current competition, we still remember the days when Otlob was the only app, actually, back in the day when it was only a website. In their annual review at the end of the year, Otlob’s General Manager, Waleed El Saadany noticed something quite interesting, “we discovered that one of our top users made an order of 70,000 LE.”

He added, “after a simple search, we discovered that the order was targeted to one of our special partners, Misr El Kheir Foundation during Eid Al Adha.” You see, Otlob has recently agreed on a partnership deal with Misr El Kheir Foundation, to help facilitate the purchase of Eid El Adha slaughters online. We’re glad to see that big companies are still paying attention to their social responsibility, and that their initiatives are resonating with the people in such a significant manner.

Otlob is Egypt’s first on-demand food ordering service. It has been operating for the past 18 years with an increasing number of features and new restaurants added regularly. Currently, Otlob operates in more than 26 cities around Egypt, offering their users food delivery services from over 2,000 of Egypt’s most popular restaurants.