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Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Ideal Bicycle in Cairo

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Ideal Bicycle in Cairo
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After the recent surge in oil prices, and the expected increases to come, one must think of alternatives to the costly car rides or taxis. Public transportation is not always an available option depending on your destination, and sometimes it’s just a bit too inconvenient. One thing that has been booming worldwide, and is surely going to make the lives of many people much easier here in Egypt, is riding a bicycle!

The idea of commuting by bike is still not that common in Cairo, despite many people adopting it as their primary method of transportation. However, worldwide, bikes are being used by commuters of all different demographics. They’re a great way of keeping you fit, saving time on busy roads, and putting aside a few extra bucks that would usually be spent on gas or costly taxi rides. So today we’re bringing to you the comprehensive guide of buying the ideal bike for your needs.

Bikes range in weight, speed, and of course, price. So the first thing you need to do is set your goal, what do you expect of the bike you’re looking to purchase, and how much money are you willing to spend? Also, the road plays a huge factor here.

So for shorter commutes around your home, and where the roads may be a bit bumpy and not very well paved, you could go for a mountain bike. These have wider wheels that are built for road bumps and potholes, some are also equipped with suspension that’s designed for such a purpose. However, you need to bear in mind that these are quite heavy, and may be as heavy as 17 kilograms. Prices for such bikes range from 2600 EGP to 3400 EGP. For longer commutes, some models are a bit lighter and can go faster, however, these range from 3100 EGP to 5000 EGP.

If you want to go really fast in longer commutes, road bikes are the way to go, but you have to note that the road needs to be well-paved and lacking any potholes, otherwise your ride will be very uncomfortable. These types of bicycles have very thin wheels, a lighter frame, and can reach a top speed of 120 km/h (if you think you want to go that fast). Road bikes have a huge range of price, they can start as low as 4000 EGP, and go as high as 50,000 EGP.

After you’ve determined your needs, and the type of bicycle you’ll require, now comes the part of choosing the outlet. But before you buy, you need to figure out the right size bicycle for your height, as the frames come in various sizes. You can do that by yourself or at any bicycle shop. If you’d like to get an idea on how to get your fit, check out this website.

Our advice is to go for aluminum bicycles and stay as far away as possible from iron bikes. They may look better, but are definitely not the better choice. Perhaps the best manufacturers out there are Trinx and Format. They are famous for being easy to maintain, and quite affordable as well. After buying your bicycle, you need to have a complete kit. This includes tools, pumps, water bottles, and what have you. But don’t worry about that, it will probably come as a gift with the bicycle. And if you’re not very savvy in terms of fixing things up, then you definitely should be a part of this Facebook group, they can help you out in tough spots.

Now, where can you buy your bicycle? One of the most famous places is Roshdy Street in Downtown Cairo. Head down there and check out the ton of shops, you’ll find a lot of vendors that can get you up to speed. But don’t forget to get your fit first, and the vendor can help you with that.

For more information or for help about bicycle choices, you can check out these groups: Pirates Bikes, and Pirates Cyclists. They can help you out with any bicycle related questions, or you could check them out if you’re in the market for a used bicycle that can start at 1200 EGP.

Finally, if you need professional maintenance, you can call up one of the best and most famous bicycle fixers in Cairo, Captain Joseph George, at J Bike Store Center. We’ve personally dealt with him, and you can find his shop behind the cathedral in Al-Abassia.