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Your Guide to Egypt’s New Public Transportation Prices

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Your Guide to Egypt’s New Public Transportation Prices
written by
Cairo 360

After the increase in gasoline prices that Egypt has witnessed over the past few days, everyone is surely going to be affected. Indeed, whether you drive around in a private vehicle, or commute using public transportation, you will experience the hike. And because some of the  people operating more public forms of transportation may try to swindle you with extremely exaggerated prices, under the guise of the elevated gasoline prices, we are bringing you this guide. 

For starters, the taxi meter will start operating at 6 EGP, instead of 5 EGP. This includes the first kilometer. As such, please don’t be fooled by those taxi drivers who start the meter at more than 6 EGP. Moreover, instead of each kilometer coasting 200 piasters (2.00 EGP), each kilometer will now coast 250 piasters (2.50 EGP). Having a cab waiting for you will now cost you 16 EGP per hour, instead of 8 EGP per hour. 

As for microbuses and buses, fares have officially increased by a minimum of 10 % to a maximum of 20%, with today’s riders reporting most increases at 10 % to 15%, with very few reporting the 20% increase. Stay safe and stay savvy, folks.