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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Ice Cream & Dairy Shops Award Winners

Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards dairy & ice cream ECA ECA 2024 Editors' Choice Awards Ice Cream
Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Ice Cream & Dairy Shops Award Winners
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Salsabil Yasser

Today, it’s time for you to join the sugar-craving club, for we’ve brought you the cream of the crop of ice cream and dairy spots. From artisanal scoops boasting a cake-like taste to chocolatey gelato, here are the top ice cream and dairy spots that have rightfully earned a place in this year’s Editor’s Choice Awards!


Skip and Scoop

In Sheikh Zayed’s Walk of Cairo, Skip and Scoop present you with a nostalgic feel in the whole place that evokes a sense of warmth towards the good old childhood days. It’s bound to make you feel like an excited-for-ice-cream child with no care in the world but the dilemma of which flavour to choose.



Serving the low-fat cousin of ice cream, gelato, Variegato in Palm Hills provides you with rich, tongue-pleasing creaminess with a wide variety of flavours to choose from. A small piece of advice: try their salted caramel and almond brittle gelato, and thank us later!


Gelato Mio

Going to Zamalek and not getting some gelato? This feels either illegal or as though you’re not indulging yourself enough! Next time you’re in Zamalek, head over to Gelato Mio for authentic Italian gelato and sorbet!


Mandarine Koueider

There’s no question about it: Mandarine Koueider is the OG dessert shop in Cairo! Another undisputed fact is that Mandarine Koueider, especially the one in Zamalek, has consistently served the creamiest ice cream for generations.


Snö Gelato

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Amidst the tranquil sanctuary we all love that is Degla Maadi, Snö Gelato offers artisanal, creamy gelato with crunchy Swedish-style waffle cones and flavours like no other.



Known for their homemade cones stuffed with creamy goodness, Conitta in Maadi boasts a menu filled with innovations we all love—and don’t worry, they also offer you day-to-day, traditional ice cream.


Dara’s Ice Cream

Made with love and care, Dara’s Ice Cream in Maadi DEFINITELY adds some love to their ice cream. Our recommendation there would totally be their coffee cookie dough ice cream!


Bel Gelato

Located on El Merghany Street in Heliopolis, Bel Gelato is one of the truest Italian gelato spots around the capital. Their signature dessert, the Panino Gelato, is out of this world!



Transporting Japan right to the Mall of Egypt, Taiyaki serves the ultimate Japanese ice cream and mochi—with all the flavours you could possibly think of!



For all the health enthusiasts out there, Yolé in The Drive by The Waterway is the place to be; it’s where you can find delicious ice cream without the additional unwanted calories!


Mega Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love Mega Ice Cream? Well, it’s hard to find an answer to that since it’s been Egypt’s leading ice cream brand for decades. Obviously, going to their shop in District 5 to customise your own ice cream is a worthwhile experience!