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25 of the Most Anticipated Films of 2017

25 of the Most Anticipated Films of 2017
written by
Omar Yousry

Now that Hollywood’s ‘dump months’ are over, we have a year of new movies to look forward to for the rest of 2017. As it stands there’s plenty to get excited about – whether these 25 films will live up to expectations, however, is another matter altogether. One thing we do know is that with DC set to extend its cinematic universe, some of Stephen Kings best work set to come to the silver screen and several longawaited sequels on the horizon, it’s going to be a good year for film all-round.


Rumored to be the last performance by Hugh Jackman as the adamantium-clawed comic book favourite, Logan follows Wolverine and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. As the only remaining mutants, they’re tasked with protecting a young mutant girl called Laura, who is more similar to Logan than meets the eye. We can’t wait to sink our claws into on the March 3rd.

Kong: Skull Island

It’s been twelve years since we last saw the magnificent ape on-screen and he finally returns on the March 10th, with the likes of John Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson. The story finds Kong battling for supremacy on a secret island. 


Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson star in this sci-fi thriller about life beyond Earth, aliens and survival. This action-packed movie is going to take audiences into the claustrophobic halls of a space station, where tensions promise to rise on March 24th .

Beauty & the Beast

This Disney classic is getting the live-action treatment with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens playing the title characters. Out on the March 17th, there’s already plenty of buzz around it, with the music set to play an important part in what looks like a sweeping classic.

Power Rangers

A reboot for the new generation, the Power Rangers are back and have been repackaged into a newer, more modern film. Brian Cranston and Elizabeth banks are the biggest names attached and the film will be blasting onto screens on March 24.

Ghost in a Shell

East meets west, as this beloved Japanese anime gets a live-action Hollywood adaptation on the Mach 31st. Not without controversy, however, the film has been accused of white-washing, after Scarlett Johansson was cast as the cyborg protagonist, Major, who conducts an investigation to bring down a dangerous hacker.

The Fate of the Furious

The eighth installment of the popular series shakes things up, with Vin Diesel’s Dom turning on ‘the family’ and uniting with a new threat played by non-other than Charlize Theron. Buckle up for a bumpy ride on April 14th.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Marvel’s gang of space misfits are back in action with the too-cute Baby Groot on May 5th. The sequel picks up after the first film, as we join them on a adventure to uncover the identity of Star-Lord’s father.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Directed by Guy Richie, Legend of the Sword is re-imagining of King Arthur’s ascent to power, with Charlie Hunnam playing a young version of the title character.

Alien: Covenant

We finally get a new Alien movie! As the spiritual successor to Prometheus and the second film in the Alien prequel series, Ridley Scott is in the director’s chair and we can’t wait for the May 19th to come any sooner!


One of American TV’s most iconic shows is coming to the silver screen on May 26th with a mix of comedy and action. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron star as a veteran lifeguard and young-hotshot recruit who clash in this moderised version of the California beach patrol show.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

With most of the cast returning – including the previously absent Orlando Bloom – and new names joining, including the ever magnificent Javier Bardem, more swashbuckling Jack Sparrow action awaits on May 26th.

Wonder Woman

After the disappointment of both Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman in 2016, DC is looking expand its universe with a little more success this year. Step one is on June 2nd, with the origin story of Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot.

The Mummy

Speaking of cinematic universes, a horror universe is coming to screens on June 9th; The Mummy is to spearhead the return of several famous movie monsters played by the likes of Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe. The film will see an ancient mummy wreaking havoc on the Earth after it comes back to life.

Transformers: The Last Knight

The fifth installment in the Transformers franchise hits screens on June 23rd and follows the search for an artifact on Earth that can return life on the planet Cybertron. Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg reprise their roles, while Sir Anthony Hopkins joins the cast.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

After making a fantastic debut in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man is back with a standalone movie, that will see the web-crawler from Queens begin to hone his skills while going up against Michael Keaton’s the Vulture. Spidey will be swing to our screens on July 7th.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Third in the franchise and the second major ape movie of the year, Andy Serkis returns as Caesar, with the war that eventually sees humans lose their control of Earth coming to be. The war breaks out on the July 14th.


Christopher Nolan dips into WWII with an adaptation of the story of Dunkirk. Starring Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Harry Styles in his acting debut, trailers have caused huge buzz. Don’t miss it on July 21st.

The Dark Tower


Based Steven King’s acclaimed novel series of the same name, The Dark Tower is set for release on the 28th of July, with a cast that includes Mathew McConaughey, Idris Elba and Katheryn Winnik. Set in another dimension called Mid-World, the sci-fi western tells of a glunslinger’s quest to save his world from extinction in the face of various monsters and foes.



Another Steven King creation, It returns to the screen after a long absence – 27 years to be exact – which is sure to ignite mass coulrophobia, with Pennywise is set to returns to our nightmares on September 8th.

Blade Runner 2049

Thirty five years after the original, we finally get the sequel we’ve been demanding for so long. Ryan Gosling plays ‘K’; a Blade Runner uncovering a plot that would send society into chaos, with Jared Leto cast in an unknown part and Harrison Ford retaining his iconic role of Rick Deckard.

Thor: Ragnarok

Out November 3rd, the third Marvel movie of the year will see Thor fights stop Ragnarok (a major disaster of sorts in Nors mythology) from happening and the destruction of his race. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is set to play a huge part, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange also slated for an appearance.

Justice League

Following on from the end of Batman V Superman, Justice League will follow Batman and Wonder Woman as they look for and recruit other superheroes, like the Flash and Aquaman, to battle an imminent threat. Out November 17th, let’s hope DC Movies can recover from a poor 2016.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Rey sets out on a new adventure in the latest episode of the Star Wars saga on December 15th. This movie will certainly have a special place in the hearts of fans, as it’s the last performance by the late Carrie Fisher.


The remake/spiritual successor of Jumanji tells of four kids who get sucked into the jungle of Jumanji board game and have to fight their way back home. Universally though of as a Robin Williams classic, the cast of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan have much to live up to when it comes out on December 22nd.

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