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Bernie The Dolphin 2: Any Redeeming Features?‎

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Dolphins are cute, but can their cuteness be a redeeming feature of Bernie: The Dolphin 2?  

Bernie: The Dolphin 2 picks up where its predecessor left off, with the addition of a few more happenings, including the return of Bernie The Dolphin, as well as the return of evil Winston (Kevin Sorbo), who, once tried to steal Bernie,  is out of jail and working at the aquarium. Despite Winston’s efforts at the aquarium, Kevin (Logan Allen) and Holly (Lola Sultan) still don’t trust him; wondering if the hard work is a camouflage for yet another a sinister plan, or merely a change for the better.

The plot aims to deliver the sweet message of giving second chances, as well as tapping on its predecessor’s ecological message. But, no matter how noble the message is, the plot is weak, dull and naïve. Yes, the feature targets children, but then again, being a family feature, it also targets adults, and that’s where it falls short.

Even children above the age of five will have a hard time enjoying the feature. Adults will be baffled by some of the nonsensical events, like how Winston made it back to where he committed his crime, or how he’s entrusted with Bernie’s tracking device. Kids under five might enjoy the random dolphin facts, and a couple of shots of dolphins swimming.

The feature’s major issue happens to be the script; most of the lines repeat what the audience already know, or can clearly guess. The characters take more time to come to conclusions that audience has already figured out half an hour ago.

The actor, Logan Allen and Lola Sultan, added to the naivety with a spiritless monotonous performance that was meant to be upbeat. Kevin Sorbo’s performance was a little less annoying, mainly because he had the privilege of playing the villain.

The messages of the film are admirable, but a sequel for Bernie the Dolphin is very likely a mistake.


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