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Bringing Film to Life: This Graduation Project Recreated Iconic Film Scenes

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Bringing Film to Life: This Graduation Project Recreated Iconic Film Scenes
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Cairo 360

We constantly strive to promote young achievers because we believe so much in the power of Egyptian youth. It’s very fortunate for us that they keep proving us right, with one great project/initiative after the other. Today it’s about students in Cairo University’s Faculty of Mass Communication and an innovative graduation project they worked hard at to produce.

In Egypt’s classic film history, there are a lot of iconic scenes shot in real streets around Cairo, and Egypt in general. These resonate with viewers much more than any scene shot in a studio with fake decoration. Realising that, these students embarked on a journey to find the real places in which such iconic scenes were shot. Spoiler alert: the results were amazing!

Mai Emad, one of the students who worked on the project, Window 7, said, “We thought about creating a cinema magazine, but something that talks about the true  art of film making, not just news about stars. We wanted to look behind the scenes. We wanted to relate iconic scenes to the real lives of audiences.” In that, they truly succeeded, and made us remember just how beautiful Cairo’s streets can be.

Why don’t you take a look for yourselves?