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Korean La Casa de Papel: Familarize Yourself with the Cast

Jang Yoon-ju Jeon Jong-seo Kim Ji-hoon La Casa de Papel Park Hae-soo Yoo Ji-tae
Korean La Casa de Papel: Familarize Yourself with the Cast
written by
Nada Medhat

The teaser trailer for the Korean version of the Spanish Hit “La Casa de Papel” was recently released, titled “Joint Economic Area”. Other than the intriguing look at the enemies slash lovers: the Professor and the Inspectora, we also got to know who will play the important characters.

So, before the show hits, let’s take a look at the other big works of the cast.

El Professor- Yoo Ji-Tae

The actor playing the awkward, albeit charming, mastermind of the heist is portrayed by Yoo Ji-Tae. The actor is a favourite of both the public and critics. He’s worked with South Korea’s most acclaimed filmmakers to produce work like “One Fine Spring Day” and “Oldboy.”

One Fine Spring Day (2001) has Yoo Ji-Tae in a leading role along with Lee Young-ae. Not as much of a fan-favourite as a critics’ one. The simple premise revolves around a love affair in its blossom and decline. Yoo Ji-Tae won the Busan Film Critics Award for that film.

Oldboy (2003) portrays Yoo Ji-Tae as the main antagonist this time. The critically acclaimed, classic in the genre, film revolves around a man imprisoned in what looks like a hotel room for fifteen years with no knowledge of who his captor is or what their motivations are. The film was so successful it competed in countless festivals across both Europe and Asia, and even won the Grand Prix, the second most prestigious award, at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival

Tokyo- Jeon Jong-Seo

Equally loved and hated (often by the same fan!), hot-headed Tokyo is portrayed by Jeon Jong-Seo. The actress is known for her brilliant performances in films like “Burning” and “The Call.”

Burning (2018) is the film that brought Jeon Jong-Seo to fame. Regarded as one of the best films in the past decade, the film received international critical acclaim, winning many awards. The thrilling plot revolves around three characters, two of whom are childhood friends, and a third man who quickly attracts the suspicion of both the characters and the audience.

The Call (2020), based on the British 2011 film “The Caller”, has Jeon Jong-Seo in a leading role and eventually won her the Best Actress award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. The plot revolves around two women, strangers to each other, connected through a phone call that weaves their lives and fates together.

Berlin- Park Hae-soo

As the charming, sympathetic sociopath of La Casa de Papel, Berlin is one of the most loved characters of the show. In the Korean version, he’s played by Park Hae-Soo, an actor who had already proved his ability to play dark, complex characters in shows like “Squid Game” or the complete opposite like his role in “Prison Playbook.”

Prison Playbook (2017) marks the actor’s first-ever lead role. Both the series and the actor were nominated and won different awards. The commercial hit is concerned with the lives of inmates behind prison bars focusing on the character played by Park Hae-Soo, a clumsy superstar baseball pitcher who gets convicted after he assaults a man who sexually attacked his sister.

Everyone already watches squid Game (2021). But in case you’ve missed the Netflix hit of last year, the show is about a contest where 456 players, all chest-deep in poverty, compete to the death for a prize of ₩45.6 billion. International audiences know Park Hae-Soo for his performance as the morally-grey Seoul graduate Cho Sang-W.

Nairobi- Jang Yoon-Ju

The internationally loved soul of the gang, Nairobi is played by Jang Yoon-Ju. Actress, model, television personality, singer and songwriter, Jang Yoon-Ju has proven her extraordinary abilities for more than two decades. As an actress, she’s known for her work in “Veteran” and “Three Sisters.”

Veteran (2015) doesn’t have Jang Yoon-Ju as a leading character, but the film marks her acting debut in cinema. The action-comedy is the 5th highest-grossing film in South Korea’s entire cinema history. The plot revolves around a tough, merciless detective who tracks down a successful young criminal who is running his own crimes under a corrupt.

Three Sisters (2020) features Jang Yoon-Ju in a leading role with two other actresses. The film revolves around—you guessed it!—three sisters who are ordinary enough but whose lives get shaken by unburied memories. The film won 12 awards in different festivals and award ceremonies, with Jang Yoon Ju getting an award for her performance as well.

Denver- Kim Ji-Hoon

The violent but with a heart of gold character that everyone knows for his laugh, Denver is played by the romantic comedy actor Kim Ji-Hoon. The award-winning actor has a long-spanning career in both television and cinema but is mainly known for his romantic comedies on television. Among his numerous works are shows like “Bad Thief, Good Thief” and “Flowers of Evil.”

Bad Thief, Good Thief (2017) has Kim Ji-Hoon leading in its ensemble cast. The drama revolves around the descendants of the Korean activists during the Japanese colonial rule who are unaware of their identity despite their ancestors becoming important figures of the country’s history.

Flowers of Evil (2020) also features Kim Ji-Hoon in its large cast. The popular series revolves around a detective who investigates a series of murders and gets confronted by the reality that her loving husband is hiding another, way more horrendous, identity. The show was nominated for and won multiple awards, with Kim Ji-Hoon getting nominated for a best-supporting actor award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.