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MX4D in Egypt: Going to the Cinema Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting…

MX4D in Egypt: Going to the Cinema Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting…
written by
Omar Yousry

Entertainment has evolved at a rapid pace over the last century, but nothing has had as big an impact on people’s lives like cinema; from silent black and white movies to an immersive 3D experience which puts the viewer in the middle of the action, technology sure has come a long way.

But where do you go from there? Well, this is where MX4D comes in. As one of the biggest advancements in cinemas in Egypt, MX4D doesn’t just immerse you visually – but physically, too.

Opening its doors on Wednesday 7th of September at Point 90 Mall in New Cairo and Americana Plaza in 6th of October City, MX4D will be one of the most engaging experiences in cinema to date, taking the 4D cinema experience to new heights. Using built-in motion and effects in its seats, audiences will feel every rumble of the footsteps of a giant, the splash of water from waves and waterfalls, the sparkling white light of lightning, and the winds gusting by as if in flight – not to mention smoke and scents.

The theatres have large, comfortable seats which have a place to put your feet on to make you ready for the experience ahead. Said seats move on three axes – up-down, left-right and side-to-side rolling – and what you get is a unique experience that mimics what’s seen on screen, be it camera movement, or a rollercoaster.

The seats are also fitted with vibrators and pulsars which rumble on the back of the neck as well as the lower back and the bottom of the seats to give objects the impression of weight for the viewer, like the footsteps of dinosaurs or large boulders falling, while the seat is also fitted with a leg tickler which works best for jump scares or surprises when used right.

In front of each viewer is a muzzle pointed at them which sprays splashes of water or gusts of wind and there are also large fans on the top right and left corners of the hall, blowing air into the seats to simulate flight or speed, accompanied by strobe lights that light up when there is lightning on screen or flashes of light from gun fire.

In addition, there are smoke machines at the very front of the hall that spew out smoke after explosions, alongside scent sprayers that simulate the same scent in the movie to further immerse the viewer into the scene – they’ve thought of everything.

Powered by award-winning technology from MediaMation, MX4D is one of just a handful to be approved by Hollywood’s biggest studios, including Universal, Paramount Studios, Disney and Warner Bros among others and has enjoyed huge popularity across 33 countries.

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