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New in Cairo Cinemas: Here’s What to Expect from this Week’s Batch of New Releases

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New in Cairo Cinemas: Here’s What to Expect from this Week’s Batch of New Releases
written by
Mohamed Raafat

Image credit: Digital Mafia Talkies

We are so excited because there’s a mix of wildly diverse genres being released across the country this week. The Egyptian cinemas are bringing you drama, thrillers, comedy, and classic historical movies. Here’s what Cairo’s movie theatres have in store.

Dragon Rider

Firedrake (voiced by Thomas Brodie-Sangster), a young dragon whose home is threatened by humans, is tired of having to hide from humans all the time. So he sets off to find a mythical paradise where dragons can live peacefully. Firedrake, along with a friend, starts the journey against the advice of the older dragons. Firedrake comes across an orphan boy called Ben, and the trio face all the dangers that come across them to reach their destination.


A sequel to the 1992 classic horror movie that gave us the heebie-jeebies with the bees crawling up Tony Todd’s face and coming out of his mouth, Candyman lets us see the revenge of the phantom in the present day. When artist Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, learns about the story of the Candyman from a laundromat owner, he becomes invested and decides to convey the details of the story in his art. He tries to summon the Candyman by saying his name, opening the gates to horrifying violence that cost him his sanity.

Till Death

Definitely leave your kids at home if you plan on seeing this thriller. The ever-so-stunning Megan Fox plays the role of Emma, who was supposed to be on a romantic getaway with her husband for their 10th anniversary, but she wakes up the next morning handcuffed to his dead body. With her face covered in his blood, she is left to fight off two killers that her husband has hired to murder her. What a great way to have your wife blown away by the surprise, right?

Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman

This movie is another take on the life of the American serial killer Ted Bundy and his heinous crimes, but this time, it’s from the perspective of two FBI agents. The plot follows the events that led to the capture of America’s most fearsome boogeyman. On a mission to track down the killer, Detective Kathleen McChesney (Holland Roden) and FBI profiler Robert Ressler (Jake Hays) follow the killer’s footsteps to bring him to justice. After Zac Efron played the role of Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Chad Michael Murray tries to portray the character with a dramatic twist.


You won’t believe it, but this movie that shows two women making over $40 million from counterfeit coupons is actually inspired by real events. Connie (Kristen Bell), a suburban housewife, and her vlogger best friend Jojo (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) decide to cheat the system, and their habit of couponing goes criminal. After making millions through their illegal scam, they try to escape justice when a postal inspector and a prevention loss officer follow their trail and try to put an end to their criminal enterprise.

30 March

After being postponed multiple times due to COVID 19, the Egyptian drama written by Hameed Al Madani, and starring Ahmed El Fishawy, is finally out in theatres. Aly (El Fishawy) escapes from a crime scene but is unable to remember what happened. In order to uncover the truth and understand if he is guilty or not, he uses the help of his friend (Dina El Sherbini) and his lawyer. Later on, he discovers that he is associated with way more dangerous crimes and tries his best to stay sane as he keeps finding out more.

Barry Lyndon

First released back in 1975, this classic is being re-released this year so you can enjoy its beautiful historical fiction scenes in 4K. Running away from the police after killing a man in a duel, Redmond Barry escapes Ireland and tries to make his way back into society by marrying a wealthy widow. Unfortunately, because of his obsession with fortune and nobility, Barry ends up dissipating her riches and creating many enemies who keep seeking revenge. This movie is an actual piece of art, and each scene feels it could be in a renaissance art museum.