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New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect from This Week’s Film Releases

New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect from This Week’s Film Releases
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Cairo 360

With a long weekend ahead of us, there’s no better time than to go sink into a cinema chair for a couple of hours; much of Cairo will be hightailing it to the nearest beach and so maybe there won’t be as many mid-film phone calls and annoying chatter – that;s wishful thinking, though. Whatever the case, however, there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

What’s it About? The sequel to the surprise 2014 hit, Kingsman: The Secret Service, picks up as the Kingsman’s headquarters are destroyed, forcing them to team up with their American counterparts, the Statesman,, in order to battle a new global threat.

Why it Could Be Good: In addition to all the first film’s big players reprising their roles, the cast will also include more heavy-hitters, including Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges. Those four alone are enough to put butts in seats.

Why it Could Be Bad: When was the last time an action-comedy spawned a decent sequel. Based on its unexpected success, don’t be surprised if the sequel leans a little too much on the original’s formula and relying on the new cast members.

Hunter’s Prayer

What’s it About? Under the direction of Terminator 3’s Jonathan Mostow, Hunter’s Prayer stars Sam Worthington as an assassin who is sent to kill the daughter of a man who owes money to his employer. Realising that not everything is quite what it seems, however, he has a change of heart and instead sides with the girl and takes her under his protection.

Why it Could Be Good: Sam Worthington is the right balance of rugged action man and reluctant good-guy to pull off a role like this and if the film can build the kind of relationship between the two main characters as Luc Besson did in Leon, then this could be a decent ride.

Why it Could Be Bad: The Leon comparisons are inevitable and will work against the film, because, well, Leon is a classic. The lack of big names and a complex villain also take the shine off an action film that looks heavy on car chases, explosions and elaborate fight scenes.


What’s it About? Demi Moore plays an unhappy housewife who, after being unfairly sentenced to community service after her neglectful husband is arrested on a drug charge, begins to develop feelings for a blind author and professor (played by Alec Baldwin) who is put in her care as part of her service.

Why it Could Be Good: Bringing together Moore and Baldwin onscreen for the first time in 21 years, the two seasoned actors are as good as anyone on their day – plus, the whole forbidden love, unlikely couple spiel really works. There’s a clear arc to follow in this film

Why it Could Be Bad: Unhappy wife falls for blind man with tragic story? Yes there’s a clear arc there, but it’s an arc that has plenty of room for the kind of saccharine, cringe-inducing, overblown romantic tropes that belong in the 90s.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

What’s it About: Six teenagers are trained in the art of ninja-ing in order to protect their home, the island of Ninjago, from the evil Lord Garmodon – which is a little awkward for one of the teenagers, Lloyd Garmodon, when he soon discovers that the enemy is actually his father.

Why it Could Be Good: Though The Lego Batman Movie didn’t quite live up to the expectations set by The Lego Movie, the franchise makes no bones about not taking itself too seriously while poking fun at Hollywood. If this, the latest movie of what has essentially become another film universe, can channel the pop culture humour that made The Lego Movie so popular, then this could turn out to be a decent little film.

Why it Could Be Bad: Making a Batman Lego movie made since – but has anyone above the age of 14 ever even hear of Lego Ninjago? Plus, while all successful actors in their own right, the cast of Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Michael Pena, Jackie Chan and Olivia Munn isn’t exactly the most exciting.