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New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect from This Week’s New Film Releases

New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect from This Week’s New Film Releases
written by
Dina Mokhtar

It’s almost Wednesday and another batch of entertainment is awaiting for all of you movie lovers and cinemagoers. This week’s catch might not be as plentiful as last week’s, but it’s packed with action, horror and comedy.

But let us stop beating around the bush and see what’s in the cards for this week’s new releases.


What’s it About? Apart from the flood of Arabic comedies, there hasn’t been any of Hollywood’s in Cairo cinemas since Christmas. This week, comedy returns with CHIPS, which follows a rookie officer who joins the California Highway Patrol, only to discover that his tough partner is an undercover Fed, digging after some corrupt cops.

Why it Might Be Good: Now let’s admit that everyone of us has a little clown inside, who can appreciate a comedy, no matter what. Yes, it is not a star-studded movie that you can’t miss, but a few giggles wouldn’t do any harm.

Why it Might Be Bad: A couple of cops, one goofy and the other is a badass undercover, running after a bundle of bad guys…isn’t it a little too old of a story to be told again? Wasn’t that the plot of Rush Hour, Showtime and Lethal Weapon?  That aside, CHIPS is written, directed and starred by Dax Shepard; if you are not a big fan, now you know it’s going to be a one-man show.

The Belko Experiment

What’s it About? It seems like all the horrors that Cairenes go through on daily basis has acquired them a taste for horror movies, that seeing the on-screen terrors and disturbing images has become as amusing as taking a walk in the park. This wee horror film, The Belko Experiment, tells of a twisted social experiment involving a number of people locked inside a building, where the game is to kill or be killed – how pleasant!

Why it Might Be Good: The plot sounds really interesting, especially that the writer of the movie, James Gunn, happens to be the writer and the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, Greg McLean, the director, worked on an endless list of horror movies, including The Darkness, Wolf Creek and Rogue.

Why it Might Be Bad: Although the cast has a number of familiar faces, including John C. McGinley, who played Dr. Perry Cox in the comedy TV series Scrubs, we still can’t find a single name in the cast that would entice you to see what the movie offers, especially that its reviews have been so-so.

Power Rangers

What’s it About? Last week we revisited the old tale of Beauty and the Beast and this week we have another blast from the past in the form of Power Rangers. This movie adaptation of the 90’s superhero TV Series follows a group of high-school kids, who, infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.

Why it Might Be Good: Almost the same argument we had about Beauty and the Beast; although it’s not the first Power Rangers movie, it’s going to be to a much bigger production, plus Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks being involved has given it some star power.

Why it Might Be Bad: Do we have the tolerance to watch a bunch of high-school kids transforming into superheroes, in order to save the world? It’s certainly not an adult’s cup of tea even if, they did spend the 90’s enchanted by what a wild bunch the Power Rangers were.

Stay tuned to the Cairo 360 Cinema Guide for showing times for all this week’s new releases (old ones, too) as well reviews.