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New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect From This Week’s Top Film Releases

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New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect From This Week’s Top Film Releases
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This week looks a bit better than last in terms of movies, but it’s also very different. It’s all about action and thrillers this time around, with Margot Robbie & Simon Pegg starring in the movie Terminal, Gabrielle Union fighting for her children in Breaking In, and Joaquin Phoenix playing a traumatised military veteran in You Were Never Really Here.


What’s it about? From director and writer Vaugh Stein comes a thrilling story, set in an anonymous and dark city. The story is about two assassins, a teacher with a fatal illness, a mysterious janitor, and a potentially dangerous waitress.

The good: The movie is definitely not short of star power; Margot Robbie takes the lead as co-stars Simon Pegg, Mike Myers, and many more deliver great performances

The bad: While director/writer Vaugh Stein has worked on around 30 films, this one is his first release as a writer and director, except for a short film in 2015.

Breaking In

What’s it about? Gabrielle Union plays a single mom. She decides to sell the house she grew up in after her father died, but discovers the seemingly impenetrable security system he has installed. This sparks curiosity, but before she can quench it, she must fight off home invaders in order to protect her family.

The good: Director James McTeigue is known for some great movies such as V for Vendetta, and this action-packed thriller shouldn’t be any different. Gabrielle Union takes on her first lead role in what looks to be quite an exciting movie.

The bad: While the director has made some good movies, anything could go wrong. Gabrielle Union is on her first starring role, and the plot places her as the heroine mother who’ll do the impossible for her children.

You Were Never Really Here

What’s it about? Joaquin Phoenix is a traumatised military veteran who has become accustomed to violence during his service. He gets labelled as brutal, upon choosing to find missing girls for a living. One of his missions finds him tangled into a conspiracy that makes him doubt everything.

The good: A movie that includes Joaquin Phoenix is instantly expected to be a hit as the man seems to do no wrong. Director Lynne Ramsay has also been consistently successful in her previous films, and is doing something different with this one.

The bad: While the film does look promising, it may not work for everyone because of its R-rating. You can expect a lot of violence in this one, and the whole theme and plot of it may not be easy on the eyes for all viewers.

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