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Not Just The Twilight Guy: Best Robert Pattinson Movies to Watch Before The Batman

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Not Just The Twilight Guy: Best Robert Pattinson Movies to Watch Before The Batman
written by
Nada Medhat

Scheduled for release on the 3rd of March, “The Batman” has all of us waiting, trembling with anticipation. But not all reactions are full of excitement. Many worry that Robert Pattinson won’t do the beloved role justice for multiple reasons. Some are still too attached to the Christian Bale performance, while others have only watched the Twilight films and have no faith in the lead actor.

Whether this pre-conceived judgment is unfair or not is something to be focused on after the release. For now, we can suggest a few of Robert Pattinson’s best performances so you can get an idea or two regarding what he’s capable of.

Cosmopolis (2012)

Cosmopolis is definitely a strange film. You’ll either hate it vehemently or love it passionately. It’s a perfect example of what Robert Pattinson’s film choices are like. Still fresh out of the Twilight haze, Robert couldn’t have picked a more niche or different role from Edward Cullen to play. The film follows Eric Packer (played by Pattinson), a cold and abhorrent billionaire, over the course of one definite day, in which he loses much of his fortune as well as his fiancée. Familiarity with the cult-followed David Cronenberg style will help in knowing what to expect here in this director’s twentieth film. With graceful detachment, playful intellectuality, bleak humour, and the subtle unravelling of stone characters, Pattinson surely rises to the task.

Good Time (2017)

Lest you assume Pattinson is a type-cast actor with a tendency towards cold, unmoved characters, you should watch Good Time. Pattinson here plays Connie Nikas, an unnerving quivering mess of a bank robber who pulls his mentally-handicapped brother into his life of crime, thinking he’s protecting him but eventually landing him in jail. The rest of the film follows Pattinson as he tries to get his brother out of this predicament without dooming himself, and only digs his hole deeper and deeper. As brilliantly as Pattinson plays stoic, almost stone-like characters, he is also completely captivating at the other end of the spectrum playing paranoid, volatile, and electrifying characters like Connie.

The Devil All the Time (2020)

The Devil All the Time takes place over the decades following World War II in rural southern America and is made up of an intriguing set of characters played by acclaimed actors, all trapped in a cycle of violence and corruption. There are way too many storylines in this movie, but the main one follows a young man (Tom Holland) trying to protect his loved ones by stopping the violence and corruption embodied by the Pattinson-played morally corrupt preacher. Here, Robert plays a highly charismatic but absolutely loathsome character. While many of his other roles verge on villainous anti-heroes, his role here is a straight-up villain, and he plays him with complexity and subtlety.

The Lighthouse (2019)

This psychological horror follows two lighthouse keepers working on a remote and isolated New England Island as they descend into madness. Although Robert Pattinson has already played a lot of characters who could be described as fairly insane, the film here centralises the fall to madness, and his genius shows in its full-fledged glory. It’s important to note that the madness in question is only highlighted by how hard the characters try to resist it.